Class CustomFontSubstitutionBase.OriginalFontSpecification

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.aspose.pdf.text.CustomFontSubstitutionBase.OriginalFontSpecification
  • Enclosing class:

    public static final class CustomFontSubstitutionBase.OriginalFontSpecification
    extends Object

    Represents original font specification.

    Provides info related to original font such as , flag. Also provides flag that helps to check is the substitution will anyway happen with the font and the user may override the default substitution logic.

    • Constructor Detail

      • OriginalFontSpecification

        public OriginalFontSpecification(String originalFontName,
                                         boolean isEmbedded,
                                         boolean isUnavoidable)

        Initializes new OriginalFontSpecification object.

        originalFontName - String object
        isEmbedded - boolean value
        isUnavoidable - boolean value
    • Method Detail

      • getOriginalFontName

        public String getOriginalFontName()

        Gets original font name.

        String value
      • isEmbedded

        public boolean isEmbedded()

        Gets a value that indicates whether the font is embedded.

        boolean value
      • isSubstitutionUnavoidable

        public boolean isSubstitutionUnavoidable()

        Gets a value that indicates that the substitution is unavoidable.

        boolean value

        Returns true in case substitution was requested because of absence of the original font or in case original font cannot be used in context of some task. In case user ignores the flag and doesn't substitute the font - default font substitution procedure is performed. But it provides opportunity for the user to alternate standard font substitution procedure and set better font to the system. Returns false in case original font is present, valid, but it is allowed for the user to substitute it.