The com.aspose.pdf is a root package for all classes of Aspose.PDF for Java library which are either directly in it like ** Document ** or indirectly through several subpackages.

  1. classes for almost all types of annotations document can have.

  2. classes which describes forms (standard, static, dynamic) and various types of fields like text box, list box, radio button etc.

  3. classes which help to work with a logical structure of a document which presents the organization of the document into chapters and sections or the identification of special elements such as figures, tables, and footnotes.

  4. classes that allow to extract text, add text, manipulate existing text of a document. It also contain classes that allow to extract, replace, substitute fonts of a document.

  5. classes for working with various types of actions, destinations and other features of document which traditionally called as interactive providing means user can intercommunicate with it.

  6. classes that allow to alternate behavior of text extraction and manipulation functionality. Package com.aspose.pdf.text have additional classes for it.

  7. additional support classes for DOM.

  8. classes for PDF/A conversion options.


AbsorbedCellRepresents cell of table that exist on the page
AbsorbedRowRepresents row of table that exist on the page
AbsorbedTableRepresents table that exist on the page
ActionCollectionCollection of actions
AnnotationClass representing annotation object.
AnnotationActionCollectionRepresents the collection of annotation actions.
AnnotationCollectionClass representing annotation collection.
AnnotationFlagsA set of flags specifying various characteristics of the annotation.
AnnotationSelectorThis class is used for selecting annotations using Visitor template idea.
AnnotationStateThe enumeration of states to which the original annotation can be set.
AppearanceDictionaryAnnotation appearance dictionary specifying how the annotation shall be presented visually on the page.
ApsLoadOptionsClass describes aps load options.
ApsSaveOptionsSave options for export to APS XML format.
ApsToFlowConverterAPS to Flow Conversion * !!! Don’t port from C# as could be ahead of .Net version !!!!
ApsUsingConverterClass for Internal usage only.
ArtifactClass represents PDF Artifact object.
ArtifactCollectionClass represents artifact collection.
BackgroundArtifactClass descibes background artifact.
BarcodeFieldClass represents barcode field.
BaseActionCollectionClass encapsulates basic actions with page/annotation/field interactive actions
BaseOperatorCollectionRepresents base class for operator collection.
BaseParagraphRepresents a abstract base object can be added to the page(doc.Paragraphs.Add()).
BlendModeThe blend modes enumeration.
BorderClass representing characteristics of annotation border.
BorderCornerStyleEnumerates the border corner styles for border.
BorderEffectDescribes effect which should be applied to the border of the annotations.
BorderInfoThis class represents border for graphics elements.
BorderSideEnumerates the border sides.
BorderStyleDescribes style of the annotation border.
BorderStyleConverterRepresents BorderStyleConverter class
BoxStyleRepresents styles of check box
BrushThis class represents abstract brush
BuildVersionInfoThis class provides information about current product build.
ButtonFieldClass represents push button field.
CapStyleStyle of line ending of Ink annotation line.
CaptionPositionEnumeration of the annotation’s caption positioning.
CaretAnnotationClass representing Caret annotation.
CaretSymbolA symbol to be associated with the caret.
CaretSymbolConverterRepresents CaretSymbolConverter class
CellRepresents a cell of the table’s row.
CellsRepresents a cells collection of row.
CgmImportOptionsImport option for import from Computer Graphics Metafile(CGM) format.
CgmLoadOptionsContains options for loading/importing CGM file into pdf document.
CharInfoRepresents a character info object.
CharInfoCollectionRepresents CharInfo objects collection.
CharacteristicsRepresents annotation characteristics
CheckboxFieldClass representing checkbox field
ChoiceFieldRepresents base class for choice fields.
CircleAnnotationClass representing Circle annotation.
CollectionRepresents class for Collection(12.3.5 Collections).
ColorRepresents class for color value which can be expressed in different color space.
ColorBarAnnotationClass representing ColorBarAnnotation annotation.
ColorSpaceThe color spaces enumeration.
ColorTypeSpecifies color type of elements on page.
ColorsOfCMYKColors included in the CMYK color model.
ColumnAdjustmentEnumerates column adjustment types.
ColumnInfoThis class represents a columns info.
ComHelperProvides methods for COM clients to load a document into Aspose.PDF.
ComboBoxFieldClass representing Combobox field of the form.
CommonFigureAnnotationAbstract class representing common figure annotation.
CompositingParametersRepresents an object containing graphics compositing parameters of current graphics state.
ContentDispositionMIME protocol Content-Disposition header.
ContentsAppenderPerforms contents modifications in APPEND mode only.
ConvertErrorActionThis class represents action for conversion errors.
ConvertSoftMaskActionThis action represents actions for conversion of images with soft mask.
ConvertTransparencyActionThis class represents action for conversion of transparency.
CopierClass for coping object
CustomExplicitDestinationRepresents custom explicit destination.
DashClass representing line dash pattern.
DateFieldDate field with calendar view.
DefaultAppearanceDescribes default appearance of field (font, text size and color).
DefaultDirectorySpecifies default path for some purpose
DestinationCollectionClass represents the collection of all destinations (a name tree mapping name strings to destinations (see, “Named Destinations”) and (see 7.7.4, “Name Dictionary”)) in the pdf document.
DestinationFactoryRepresents DestinationFactory class
DigestHashAlgorithmRepresent type of algorithm that maps data to a “hash”
DirectionText direction.
DocMDPAccessPermissionsThe access permissions granted for this document.
DocMDPSignatureRepresents the class of document MDP (modification detection and prevention) signature type.
DocSaveOptionsSave options for export to Doc format
DocSaveOptions.DocFormatAllows to specify .doc or .docx file format.
DocSaveOptions.RecognitionModeAllows to control how a PDF document is converted into a word processing document.
DocumentClass representing PDF document
Document.OptimizationOptionsClass which describes document optimization algorithm.
DocumentActionCollectionClass describes actions performed on some actions with document
DocumentFactoryClass which allows to create/load documents of different types.
DocumentInfoRepresents meta information of PDF document.
DocumentWebRepresents DocumentWeb class
ElementClass representing base element of logical structure.
ElementCollectionCollection of base logical structure elements.
EmbeddedFileCollectionClass representing embedded files collection.
EncryptedPayloadRepresents encrypted payload in file specification.
EpubLoadOptionsContains options for loading/importing EPUB file into pdf document.
EpubSaveOptionsSave options for export to EPUB format
EpubSaveOptions.RecognitionModeWhen PDF file (that usually has fixed layout) is being converted, the conversion engine tries to perform grouping and multi-level analysis to restore the original document author’s intent and produce result in flow layout.
ExcelSaveOptionsSave options for export to Excel format
ExcelSaveOptions.ExcelFormatAllows to specify .xls/xml or .xlsx file format.
ExplicitDestinationRepresents the base class for explicit destinations in PDF document.
ExplicitDestinationTypeEnumerates the types of explicit destinations.
ExplicitDestinationTypeConverterRepresents ExplicitDestinationTypeConverter class
ExtendedBooleanRepresents boolean type that supports Undefined value.
ExternalSignatureCreates a detached PKCS#7Detached signature using a X509Certificate2.
ExtractImageModeDefines different modes which can be used while extracting images from documents.
FieldBase class for acro form fields.
FigureElementClass representing logical structure figure.
FileAttachmentAnnotationClass describes file attachment annotation.
FileEncodingEncoding of the attached file.
FileFontSourceRepresents single font file source.
FileHyperlinkRepresents file hyperlink object.
FileIconAn icon to be used in displaying the annotation.
FileIconConverterRepresents FileIconConverter class
FileParamsDefines an embedded file parameter dictionary that shall contain additional file-specific information.
FileSelectBoxFieldField for file select box element.
FileSpecificationClass representing embedded file.
FitBExplicitDestinationRepresents explicit destination that displays the page with its contents magnified just enough to fit its bounding box entirely within the window both horizontally and vertically.
FitBHExplicitDestinationRepresents explicit destination that displays the page with the vertical coordinate top positioned at the top edge of the window and the contents of the page magnified just enough to fit the entire width of its bounding box within the window.
FitBVExplicitDestinationRepresents explicit destination that displays the page with the horizontal coordinate left positioned at the left edge of the window and the contents of the page magnified just enough to fit the entire height of its bounding box within the window.
FitExplicitDestinationRepresents explicit destination that displays the page with its contents magnified just enough to fit the entire page within the window both horizontally and vertically.
FitHExplicitDestinationRepresents explicit destination that displays the page with the vertical coordinate top positioned at the top edge of the window and the contents of the page magnified just enough to fit the entire width of the page within the window.
FitRExplicitDestinationRepresents explicit destination that displays the page with its contents magnified just enough to fit the rectangle specified by the coordinates left, bottom, right, and topentirely within the window both horizontally and vertically.
FitVExplicitDestinationRepresents explicit destination that displays the page with the horizontal coordinate left positioned at the left edge of the window and the contents of the page magnified just enough to fit the entire height of the page within the window.
FixedPrintRepresent Fixed print data of Watermark Annotation.
FixupThis enum represents an type of Fixup.
FloatingBoxRepresents a FloatingBox in a Pdf document.
FlowConverterConvert PDF Document to Flow formats (XLSX, ODS, XMLSpreedSheet2003, CSV) DOCX in EnchanedFlow mode, TableAbsorber in FlowEngine mode.
FolderFontSourceRepresents the folder that contains font files.
FontRepresents font object.
FontAbsorberRepresents an absorber object of fonts.
FontCollectionRepresents font collection.
FontEmbeddingOptionsPDF/A standard requires, that all fonts must be embedded into document.
FontRepositoryPerforms font search.
FontSourceRepresents a base class fot font source.
FontStylesSpecifies style information applied to text.
FontSubsetStrategyenumerates strategies for font subsetting
FooterArtifactDescribes footer artifact.
FormClass representing form object.
Form.FlattenSettingsClass which describes settings for Form flattening procedure.
Form.SignDependentElementsRenderingModesForms can contain signing information and can be signed or unsigned.
FormattedFragmentRepresents abstract formatted fragment.
FreeTextAnnotationRepresents a free text annotation that displays text directly on the page.
FreeTextIntentEnumerates the intents of the free text annotation.
GoToActionRepresents a go-to action that changes the view to a specified destination (page, location, and magnification factor).
GoToRemoteActionRepresents a remote go-to action that is similar to an ordinary go-to action but jumps to a destination in another PDF file instead of the current file.
GoToURIActionRepresents a URI action causes a URI to be resolved.
GraphInfoRepresents graphics info.
GroupA group attributes class specifying the attributes of the page\u2019s page group for use in the transparent imaging model.
HeaderArtifactClass describes Heaader artifact.
HeaderFooterClass represents header or footer pdf page.
HeadingRepresents heading.
HideActionRepresents a hide action that hides or shows one or more annotations on the screen by setting or clearing their Hidden flags.
HighlightAnnotationRepresents a highlight annotation that highlights a range of text in the document.
HighlightingModeEnumerates the annotation’s highlighting mode, the visual effect to be used when the mouse button is pressed or held down inside its active area.
HtmlDocumentTypeRepresents enumeration of the Html document types.
HtmlFragmentRepresents html fragment.
HtmlLoadOptionsRepresents options for loading/importing html file into pdf document.
HtmlMediaTypeSpecifies possible media types used during rendering.
HtmlPageLayoutOptionSpecifies flags that together other options determine sizes and layouts of pages.
HtmlSaveOptionsSave options for export to Html format
HtmlSaveOptions.AntialiasingProcessingTypeThis enum describes possible antialiasing measures during conversion
HtmlSaveOptions.CssSavingInfoThis class represents set of data that related to custom saving of CSS during conversion of PDF to HTML format
HtmlSaveOptions.CssSavingStrategyYou can assign to this property custom strategy that implements processing or/and saving of one CSS’s part that was created during conversion of PDF to HTML .
HtmlSaveOptions.CssUrlMakingStrategyYou can assign to this property delegate created from custom method that implements creation of URL of CSS referenced in generated HTML document.
HtmlSaveOptions.CssUrlRequestInfoRepresents set of data that related to request from converter to custom code aimed to get desirable URL (or URL template)of subject CSS
HtmlSaveOptions.FontEncodingRulesThis enumeration defines rules which tune encoding logic
HtmlSaveOptions.FontSavingModesEnumerates modes that can be used for saving of fonts referenced in saved PDF.
HtmlSaveOptions.HtmlImageSavingInfoThis class represents set of data that related to external resource image file’s saving during PDF to HTML conversion.
HtmlSaveOptions.HtmlImageTypeenumerates possible types of image files that can be saved as external resources during Pdf to Html conversion
HtmlSaveOptions.HtmlMarkupGenerationModesSometimes specific reqirments to created HTML are present.
HtmlSaveOptions.HtmlPageMarkupSavingInfoIf SplitToPages property of HtmlSaveOptions, then several HTML-files (one HTML file per converted page) are created during conversion of PDF to HTML.
HtmlSaveOptions.HtmlPageMarkupSavingStrategyResult of conversion can contain one or several HTML-pages ( that also can reference external files like images or fonts) You can assign to this property delegate created from custom method that implements processing of got HTML-page(HTML itself) that was created during conversion.
HtmlSaveOptions.ImageParentTypesEnumerates possible types of image’s parents Image can pertain to HTML page or to SVG parent image
HtmlSaveOptions.PartsEmbeddingModesThis enum enumerates possible modes of embedding of files referenced in HTML It allows to control whether referenced files (HTML, Fonts,Images, CSSes) will be embedded into main HTML file or will be generated as apart binary entities
HtmlSaveOptions.RasterImagesSavingModesConverted PDF can contain raster images(.png, *.jpeg etc.) This enum defines methods of how raster images can be handled during conversion of PDF to HTML
HtmlSaveOptions.ResourceSavingStrategyTo this property You can assign delegate created from custom method that implements processing of external resource(Font or Image) that was extracted from PDF and must be saved as external resource during conversion of PDF to HTML.
HyperlinkRepresents abstract hyperlink.
IconCaptionPositionDescribes position of icon.
IconFitDescribes how the widget annotation’s icon shall be displayed within its annotation rectangle.
IdRepresents file identifier structure.
ImageRepresents image.
ImageDeleteActionAction which performed with image object when image is removed from collection.
ImageFileTypeEnumerates the image file types.
ImageFilterTypeEnumeration representing image filter type.
ImageFormatThis enum represents image formats.
ImagePlacementRepresents characteristics of an image placed to Pdf document page.
ImagePlacementAbsorberRepresents an absorber object of image placement objects.
ImagePlacementCollectionRepresents an image placements collection
ImageStampReresents graphic stamp.
ImageTypeRepresents image format types.
ImportDataActionUpon invocation of an import-data action, Forms Data Format (FDF) data shall be imported into the document\u2019s interactive form from a specified file.
ImportFormatSpecifies import format.
ImportOptionsImportOptions type hold level of abstraction on individual import options.
InkAnnotationRepresents a freehand “scribble” composed of one or more disjoint paths.
InvalidFormTypeOperationExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an operation with form type is not valid.
JavaScriptCollectionThis class represents collection of JavaScript.
JavascriptActionClass representing javascript action.
JustificationEnumerates the forms of quadding (justification) to be used in displaying the annotation’s text.
LaTeXSaveOptionsSave options for export to TeX format.
LatexFragmentRepresents TeX fragment.
LatexLoadOptionsRepresents options for loading/importing TeX file into PDF document.
LaunchActionRepresents a launch action that launches an application or opens or prints a document.
LaunchActionOperationEnumerates the operations to perform with document during launch action executing.
LayerRepresents page layer.
LettersPositioningMethodsIt enumerates possible modes of positioning of letters in words in result HTML
LevelFormatRepresents format of the table of contents.
LicenseProvides methods to license the component.
LightingSchemeTypeEnum LightingSchemeType: set of lighting scheme types.
LightweightOperatorCollectionLightweight operator collection.
LineAnnotationClass representing line annotation.
LineEndingEnumerates the line ending styles to be used in drawing the line.
LineEndingConverterRepresents LineEndingConverter class
LineEndingsDrawerDraws line endings for annotations.
LineIntentEnumerates the intents of the line annotation.
LinkAnnotationRepresents either a hypertext link to a destination elsewhere in the document or an action to be performed.
ListBoxFieldClass represents ListBox field.
LoadOptionsLoadOptions type holds level of abstraction on individual load options
LoadOptions.MarginsAreaUsageModesRepresents mode of usage of margins area during conversion (like HTML, EPUB etc), defines treatement of instructions of imported format related to usage of margins.
LoadOptions.PageSizeAdjustmentModesATTENTION! The feature implemented but did not put yet to public API since blocker issue in OSHARED layer revealed for sample document.
LoadOptions.ResourceLoadingResultResult of custom loading of resource
LocalHyperlinkRepresents local hyperlink object.
LocaleOptionsLocaleOptions type specifies locale configuration for Aspose.PDF.
MarginInfoThis class represents a margin for different objects.
MarkupAnnotationAbstract class representing markup annotation.
MarkupParagraphRepresents a paragraph.
MarkupSectionRepresents a markup section - the rectangular region of a page that contains text and can be visually divided from another text blocks.
MatrixClass represents transformation matrix.
Matrix3DClass represents transformation matrix.
MdLoadOptionsLoad options for Markdown format conversion.
MeasureClass which describes Measure coordinate system.
Measure.NumberFormatNumber format for measure.
Measure.NumberFormat.FractionStyleValue which indicates in which manner fraction values are displayed.
Measure.NumberFormatListRepresents list of number formats.
MediaClipClass describes media clip object of rendition.
MediaClipDataClass describes media clip data.
MediaClipSectionThis class descibes Media clip section.
MediaRenditionClass describes media rendition.
MemoryCleanerRepresents MemoryCleaner class
MemoryExtenderRepresents MemoryExtender class Using large files on a system with limited heap memory, can be enabled to use disk space as a temporary swap memory.
MemoryFontSourceRepresents single font file source.
MetadataProvides access to XMP metadata stream.
MeteredProvides methods to set metered key.
MhtLoadOptionsRepresents options for loading/importing of .mht-file into pdf document.
MobiXmlSaveOptionsSave options for export to Xml format
MovieAnnotationRepresents a movie annotation that contains animated graphics and sound to be presented on the computer screen and through the speakers.
NamedActionRepresents named actions that PDF viewer applications are expected to support.
NamedDestinationInstead of being defined directly with the explicit syntax, a destination may be referred to indirectly by means of a name object or a byte string.
NoteThis class represents generator paragraph note.
NumberFieldText Field with specified valid chars
NumberTreeClass representing Number tree structure of PDF file.
NumberingStyleEnumeration of supported page numbering style for PageLabel class.
OcspSettingsRepresents the ocsp settings using during signing process.
OperatorAbstract class representing operator.
OperatorCollectionClass represents collection of operators
OperatorSelectorThis class is used for selecting operators using Visitor template idea.
OpiRepresents The Open Prepress Interface (OPI) is a mechanism for creating low-resolution placeholders, or proxies, for such high-resolution images.
OptimizedMemoryStreamDefines a MemoryStream that can contains more standard capacity
OptimizedMemoryStream.SeekOriginSpecifies the position in a stream to use for seeking.
OptionClass represents option of choice field.
OptionCollectionClass representing collection of options of the choice field.
OutlineCollectionRepresents document outline hierarchy.
OutlineItemCollectionRepresents outline entry in outline hierarchy of PDF document.
OutlinesClass describes collection of outlines.
OutputIntentRepresents an output intent that matches the color characteristics of a PDF document with those of a target output device or production environment in which the document will be printed.
OutputIntentsRepresents the collection of OutputIntent.
PDF3DActivationEnum PDF3DActivation: set of 3D annotation activation mode.
PDF3DAnnotationClass PDF3DAnnotation.
PDF3DArtworkClass PDF3DArtwork.
PDF3DContentClass PDF3DContent.
PDF3DCrossSectionClass PDF3DCrossSection.
PDF3DCrossSectionArrayClass PDF3DCrossSectionArray.
PDF3DCuttingPlaneOrientationClass PDF3DCuttingPlaneOrientation.
PDF3DLightingSchemeClass PDF3DLightingScheme.
PDF3DRenderModeClass PDF3DRenderMode.
PDF3DStreamClass PDF3DStream.
PDF3DViewClass PDF3DView.
PDF3DViewArrayClass PDF3DViewArray.
PKCS1Represents signature object regarding PKCS#1 standard.
PKCS7Represents the PKCS#7 object that conform to the PKCS#7 specification in Internet RFC 2315, PKCS #7: Cryptographic Message Syntax, Version 1.5.
PKCS7DetachedRepresents the PKCS#7 object that conform to the PKCS#7 specification in Internet RFC 2315, PKCS #7: Cryptographic Message Syntax, Version 1.5.
PageClass representing page of PDF document.
Page.BeforePageGenerateProcedure for customize header and footer.
PageActionCollectionThis class describes page actions
PageCollectionCollection of PDF document pages.
PageCoordinateTypeDescribes page coordinate type.
PageInfoRepresents the page information for pdf generator.
PageLabelClass representing Page Label range.
PageLabelCollectionClass represeingting page label collection.
PageLayoutDescibes page layout.
PageMarkupPage markup represented by collections of MarkupSection and MarkupParagraph .
PageModeClass descibes used components of the document page.
PageNumberStampRepresents page number stamp and used to number pages.
PageSizeClass representing size of page in PDF document.
ParagraphAbsorberRepresents an absorber object of page structure objects such as sections and paragraphs.
ParagraphsThis class represents paragraph collection.
PasswordBoxFieldClass descibes text field for entering password.
PasswordTypeThis enum represents known password types used for password protected pdf documents.
PclLoadOptionsRepresents options for loading(import) PCL file into pdf document.
PclLoadOptions.ConversionEnginesEnumerates conversion engines that can be used for conversion
PdfASymbolicFontEncodingStrategyThis class describes rules which can be used to tune process of copying encoding data for cases when TrueType symbolic font has more than one encoding.
PdfASymbolicFontEncodingStrategy.QueueItemSpecifies encoding subtable.
PdfASymbolicFontEncodingStrategy.QueueItem.CMapEncodingTableTypeDeclares set of some known encoding subtables
PdfActionRepresents Action in PDF document
PdfActionCollectionClass describes list of actions.
PdfEventClass representing events
PdfFormatConversionOptionsrepresents set of options for convert PDF document
PdfFormatConversionOptions.PdfANonSpecificationFlagsThis class holds flags to control PDF/A conversion for cases when source PDF document doesn’t correspond to PDF specification.
PdfFormatConversionOptions.PuaProcessingStrategySome PDF documents have special unicode symbols, which are belonged to Private Use Area (PUA), see description at
PdfFormatConversionOptions.RemoveFontsStrategySome documens have large size after converison into PDF/A format.
PdfFormatConversionOptions.SegmentAlignStrategyDescribes strategies used to align document text segments.
PdfPageStampClass represents stamp which uses PDF page as stamp.
PdfSaveOptionsSave options for export to Pdf format
PdfXmlLoadOptionsLoad options for PdfXml format.
PdfXmlSaveOptionsSave options for PdfXml format.
PermissionsThis enum represents user’s permissions for a pdf.
PointRepresent point with fractional coordinates.
Point3DRepresent point with fractional coordinates.
PolyAnnotationAbstract base class for poly-annotations.
PolyIntentEnumerates the intents of the polygon or polyline annotation.
PolygonAnnotationClass representing polygon annotation.
PolylineAnnotationRepresents polyline annotation that is similar to polygon, except that the first and last vertex are not implicitly connected.
PopupAnnotationRepresents the pop-up annotation that displays text in a pop-up window for entry and editing.
PositionRepresents a position object
PptxSaveOptionsSave options for export to SVG format
PredefinedActionDefines different actions which can be triggered from a PDF file.
PrintControllerRepresents print controller.
PrintDuplexThe paper handling option to use when printing the file from the print dialog..
PrintScalingThe page scaling option that shall be selected when a print dialog is displayed for this document.
PrinterMarkAnnotationAbstract class representing printer mark annotation.
ProgressEventTypeThis enum describes possible progress event types that can occure during conversion
PsLoadOptionsRepresents options for loading/importing of .mht-file into pdf document.
PsSaveOptionsSave options for export to PS (PostScript) or EPS format.
RadioButtonFieldClass representing radio button field.
RadioButtonOptionFieldClass represents item of RadioButton field.
RectangleClass represents rectangle.
RedactionFor internal usage only
RedactionAnnotationRepresents Redact annotation.
RenderModeTypeEnum RenderModeType: set of render mode types
RenderingOptionsRepresents rendering options
RenditionClass which describes rendition object of RendtionAnnotation.
RenditionActionA rendition action that controls the playing of multimedia content.
RenditionOperationThe operation to perform when the action is triggered.
RenditionTypeEnumeration describes possible types of Rendition.
ReplyTypeEnumerates the kinds of the relationships (the \u201creply type\u201d) between the annotation and one specified by InReplyTo.
ResourcesClass representing page resources.
Resources.ExtGStateValueRepresents ExtGStates with some values.
RgbToDeviceGrayConversionStrategyRepresents rgb to device gray color spaces conversion strategy.
RichMediaAnnotationClass describes RichMediaAnnotation which allows embed video/audio data into PDF document.
RichMediaAnnotation.ActivationEventEvent which activates annotation.
RichMediaAnnotation.ContentTypeType of the multimedia.
RichTextBoxFieldClass describes rich text editor component.
RootElementRoot structure element.
RotationEnumeration of possible rotation values.
RowRepresents a row of the table.
RowsRepresents a rows collection of table.
SaveOptionsSaveOptions type hold level of abstraction on individual save options
SaveOptions.BorderInfoInstance of this class represents information about border That can be drown on some result document.
SaveOptions.BorderPartStyleRepresents information of one part of border(top, bottom, left side or right side)
SaveOptions.HtmlBorderLineTypeRepresents line types that can be used in result document for drawing borders or another lines
SaveOptions.MarginInfoInstance of this class represents information about page margin That can be drown on some result document.
SaveOptions.MarginPartStyleRepresents information of one part of margin(top, botom, left side or right side)
SaveOptions.NodeLevelResourceTypeenumerates possible types of saved external resources
SaveOptions.ResourceSavingInfoThis class represents set of data that related to external resource file’s saving that occures during conversion of PDF to some other format (f.e.
ScalingModeThe type of scaling that shall be used.
ScalingReasonThe circumstances under which the icon shall be scaled inside the annotation rectangle.
ScreenAnnotationA screen annotation that specifies a region of a page upon which media clips may be played.
SelectorRenditionClass describes selector rendition.
SignatureAn abstract class which represents signature object in the pdf document.
Signature.SignHashDelegate for custom sign the document hash (Beta).
SignatureCustomAppearanceAn abstract class which represents signature custon appearance object.
SignatureFieldRepresents signature form field.
SoundAnnotationRepresents a sound annotation that contains sound recorded from the computer’s microphone or imported from a file.
SoundDataRepresents a sound data defining the sound to be played when the annotation is activated.
SoundEncodingThe encoding format for the sample data.
SoundIconEnumerates the icons to be used in displaying the annotation.
SoundIconConverterRepresents SoundIconConverter class
SoundSampleDataRepresents additional entries specific to a sound object (Section 9.2 PDF1-7)
SoundSampleDataEncodingFormatThe encoding format for the sound sample data.
SquareAnnotationClass representing square annotation.
SquigglyAnnotationRepresents the squiggly annotation that appears as a jagged underline in the text of a document.
StampAn abstract class for various kinds of stamps which come as descendants.
StampAnnotationRepresents rubber stamp annotation.
StampIconEnumerates the icons to be used in displaying the annotation.
StampIconConverterRepresents StampIconConverter class
StrikeOutAnnotationRepresents a strikeout annotation that appears as a strikeout in the text of the document.
StructElementGeneral structure element.
SubjectNameElementsEnumeration describes elements in signature subject string.
SubmitFormActionClass which describes submit-form action.
SvgLoadOptionsRepresents options for loading/importing SVG file into pdf document.
SvgLoadOptions.ConversionEnginesEnumerates conversion engines that can be used for conversion
SvgSaveOptionsSave options for export to SVG format
SvgSaveOptions.SvgExternalImageTypeenumerates possible types of image files that can be saved as external resources during during Pdf to SVG conversion
SvgSaveOptions.SvgImageSavingInfoThis class represents set of data that related to external resource image file’s saving during PDF to HTML conversion.
SymbologyA (Barcode) Symbology defines the technical details of a particular type of barcode: the width of the bars, character set, method of encoding, checksum specifications, etc.
SystemFontSourceRepresents all fonts installed to the system.
TabAlignmentTypeEnumerates the tab alignment types.
TabLeaderTypeEnumerates the tab leader types.
TabOrderTab order on the page
TabStopRepresents a custom Tab stop position in a paragraph.
TabStopsRepresents a collection of TabStop objects.
TableRepresents a table that can be added to the page.
TableAbsorberRepresents an absorber object of table elements.
TableBrokenEnumerates the table broken.
TeXFragmentRepresents LaTeX fragment.
TeXLoadOptionsRepresents options for loading/importing TeX file into PDF document.
TeXMemoryOutputDirectoryImplements fetching an output stream from memory.
TeXSaveOptionsSave options for export to TeX format
TextAbsorberRepresents an absorber object of a text.
TextAnnotationRepresents a text annotation that is a “sticky note” attached to a point in the PDF document.
TextBoxFieldClass representing text box field.
TextBuilderAppends text object to Pdf page.
TextDefaultsDefines text subsystem defaults
TextDefaults.DefaultFontStrategySpecifies type of text subsystem defaults
TextEditOptionsDescubes options of text edit operations.
TextElementGeneral text element of document logical structure.
TextExtractionErrorDescribes the text extraction error has appeared in the PDF document.
TextExtractionErrorLocationRepresents the location in the PDF document where text extraction error has appeared.
TextExtractionOptionsRepresents text extraction options
TextExtractionOptions.TextFormattingModeDefines different modes which can be used while converting pdf document into text.
TextFormattingOptionsRepresents text formatting options
TextFormattingOptions.LineSpacingModeDefines line spacing specifics
TextFormattingOptions.WordWrapModeDefines word wrapping strategies
TextFragmentRepresents fragment of Pdf text.
TextFragmentAbsorberRepresents an absorber object of text fragments.
TextFragmentCollectionRepresents a text fragments collection
TextFragmentStateRepresents a text state of a text fragment.
TextIconEnumerates the icons to be used in displaying the annotation.
TextIconConverterRepresents TextIconConverter class
TextMarkupAnnotationAbstract base class for text markup annotations.
TextOptionsRepresents text processing options
TextParagraphRepresents text paragraphs as multiline text object.
TextParagraph.TextBackgroundModeBackground mode for TextParagraph
TextParagraphAbsorberRepresents an absorber object of text paragraphs.
TextParagraphCollectionRepresents a text paragraphs collection
TextRenderingModeThe text rendering mode, Tmode, determines whether showing text shall cause glyph outlines to be stroked, filled, used as a clipping boundary, or some combination of the three.
TextReplaceOptionsRepresents text replace options
TextSearchOptionsRepresents text search options
TextSegmentRepresents segment of Pdf text.
TextSegmentCollectionRepresents a text segments collection
TextStampReresents textual stamp.
TextStateRepresents a text state of a text
TextStyleClass representing checkbox field
TimestampSettingsRepresents the ocsp settings using during signing process.
ToUnicodeProcessingRulesThis class describes rules which can be used to solve Adobe Preflight error “Text cannot be mapped to Unicode”.
TocInfoRepresents table of contents info.
TxtLoadOptionsLoad options for TXT to PDF conversion.
UnderlineAnnotationRepresents an underline annotation that appears as an underline in the text of the document.
UnifiedSaveOptionsThis class represents saving options for saving that uses unified conversion way (with unified internal document model)
UnifiedSaveOptions.ConversionProgressEventHandlerRepresents class with abstract method that usually supplied by calling side and handles progress events that comes from converter.
UnifiedSaveOptions.ProgressEventHandlerInfoThis class represents information about conversion progress that can be used in external application to show conversion progress to end user
WarningCallbackInterface for user’s callback mechanism support.
WarningInfoImmutable object for encapsulating warning information.
WarningTypeEnum represented warning type.
WatermarkRepresents a watermark of the page.
WatermarkAnnotationClass describes Watermark annotation object.
WatermarkArtifactClass describes watermark artifact.
WebHyperlinkRepresents web hyperlink object.
WidgetAnnotationClass representing widget annotation.
XFARepresents XML form regarding XML Forms Architecture (XFA).
XFormClass represent XForm
XFormCollectionClass represents collection of XFormCollection.
XImageClass representing image X-Object.
XImage.RawParametersClass representing image raw XImage parameters.
XImageCollectionClass representing XImage collection.
XYZExplicitDestinationRepresents explicit destination that displays the page with the coordinates (left, top) positioned at the upper-left corner of the window and the contents of the page magnified by the factor zoom.
XfaParserOptionsclass to handle related data encapsulation
XfdfReaderClass which peroformes reading of XFDF format.
XfdfWriterAggregates methods of writing annotations and fields to XFDF file format
XmlLoadOptionsRepresents options for loading/importing XML file into pdf document.
XmlSaveOptionsSave options for export to Xml format
XmpFieldRepresents XMP field.
XmpFieldTypeThis enum represents types of a XMP field.
XmpPdfAExtensionCategoryTypeProperty category: internal or external.
XmpPdfAExtensionFieldThis schema describes a field in a structured type.
XmpPdfAExtensionObjectRepresents the base class for field, property, value type instances.
XmpPdfAExtensionPropertyDescribes a single property.
XmpPdfAExtensionSchemaDescribes the XMP extension schema which is provided by PDF/A-1.
XmpPdfAExtensionSchemaDescriptionRepresents the description of XMP extension schema which is provided by PDF/A-1.
XmpPdfAExtensionValueTypeThe PDF/A ValueType schema is required for all property value types which are not defined in the XMP 2004 specification, i.e.
XmpValueRepresents XMP value
XpsLoadOptionsRepresents options for loading/importing xps file into pdf document.
XpsSaveOptionsSave options for export to Xps format
XslFoLoadOptionsRepresents options for loading/importing XSL-FO file into pdf document.
XslFoLoadOptions.ParsingErrorsHandlingTypesSource XSLFO document can contain formatting errors.


IAnnotationVisitorDefines Visitor for visiting different document annotations.
IAppointmentRepresents general interface for actions and destinations.
IColorSpaceConversionStrategyInterface for color space conversion strategies.
IDocumentinterface representing PDF document
IFontOptionsUseful properties to tune Font behavior
IIndexBitmapConverterThis interface declared for customization algorithms of quantization.
IIndexBitmapConverterInternalThis interface declared for customization algorithms of quantization.
IOperatorSelectorDefines Visitor for visiting different pdf operators.
IPageSetOptionsDefines conversion options related to a set of pages to convert.
IPipelineOptionsDefines conversion options related to pipeline configuration.
ITableElementThis interface represents an element of existing table extracted by TableAbsorber.


AFRelationshipEnumeration describes associated files relationship.
AnnotationStateModelThe state model corresponding to state of annotation.
AnnotationTypeEnumeration of annotation types.
CryptoAlgorithmRepresent type of cryptographic algorithm that used in encryption/decryption routines.
FormTypeEnumeration of posible types of Acro Form.
HorizontalAlignmentDescribes horizontal alignment.
LoadFormatSpecifies load format.
PdfFormatThis class represents an pdf format.
ReturnActionEnum represented a program workflow action in case of invoking the IWarningCallback.Warning(WarningInfo) method.
SaveFormatSpecifies format
TextAlignmentAlignment of text in annotation.
VerticalAlignmentEnumeration of possible vertical alignment values.