Class DefaultAppearance

DefaultAppearance class

Describes default appearance of field (font, text size and color).

public sealed class DefaultAppearance


DefaultAppearance()Constructor of DefaultAppearance.
DefaultAppearance(Font, double, Color)Constructor of Default Appearance. Previously created font may be specified as default font.
DefaultAppearance(string, double, Color)Constructor of DefaultAppearance.


Font { get; }Gets font specified as default for text.
FontName { get; set; }Gets font name in the default appearance.
FontResourceName { get; set; }Gets font name in the default appearance.
FontSize { get; set; }Gets font size in default apperance.
Text { get; }Gets the list of pdf operators which represent appearence.
TextColor { get; set; }Gets or sets the color of text in the default appearance.

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