Class Measure.NumberFormat

Measure.NumberFormat class

Number format for measure.

public class NumberFormat


NumberFormat(Measure)Constructor for NumberFormat class.


AfterText { get; set; }Text that shall be concatenated after the label
BeforeText { get; set; }Text that shall be concatenated to the left of the label.
ConvresionFactor { get; set; }The conversion factor used to multiply a value in partial units of the previous number format array element to obtain a value in the units of this number format.
Denominator { get; set; }If FractionDisplayment is ShowAsFraction, this value is denominator of the fraction. Default value is 16.
ForceDenominator { get; set; }If FractionDisplayment is ShowAsFraction, this value determines meay or not the fraction be reduced. If value is true fraction may not be reduced.
FractionDisplayment { get; set; }In what manner fractional values are displayed.
FractionSeparator { get; set; }Text that shall be used as the decimal position in displaying numerical values. An empty string indicates that the default shall be used. Default is period character.
Precision { get; set; }If FractionDisplayment is ShowAsDecimal, this value is precision of fractional value; It shall me multiple of 10. Default is 100.
ThousandsSeparator { get; set; }Text that shall be used between orders of thousands in display of numerical values. An empty string indicates that no text shall be added. Default is comma.
UnitLabel { get; set; }A text string specifying a label for displaying the units.

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