PDF3DRenderMode class

Class PDF3DRenderMode.

public class PDF3DRenderMode


Name Description
PDF3DRenderMode(RenderModeType) Initializes a new instance of the PDF3DRenderMode class.
PDF3DRenderMode(string) Initializes a new instance of the PDF3DRenderMode class.


Name Description
Type { get; } Gets the type.


Name Description
GetAuxiliaryColour() Gets the auxiliary colour.
GetCreaseValue() Gets the crease value.
GetFaceColor() Gets the color of the face.
GetOpacity() Gets the opacity.
SetAuxiliaryColour(Color) Sets the auxiliary colour.
SetCreaseValue(double) Sets the crease value.
SetFaceColor(Color) Sets the color of the face.
SetOpacity(double) Sets the opacity.


Name Description
static BoundingBox The “BoundingBox” render mode.
static Illustration The “Illustration” render mode.
static ShadedIllustration The “ShadedIllustration” render mode.
static ShadedVertices The “ShadedVertices” render mode.
static ShadedWireframe The “ShadedWireFrame” render mode.
static Solid The “Solid” render mode.
static SolidOutline The “SolidOutline” render mode.
static SolidWireframe The “SolidWireFrame” render mode.
static Transparent The “Transparent” render mode.
static TransparentBoundingBox The “TransparentBoundingBox” render mode.
static TransparentBoundingBoxOutline The “TransparentBoundingBoxOutline” render mode.
static TransparentWareFrame The “TransparentWareFrame” render mode.
static Vertices The “Vertices” render mode.
static Wireframe The “WireFrame” render mode.

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