Class SubmitFormAction

SubmitFormAction class

Class which describes submit-form action.

public sealed class SubmitFormAction : PdfAction


SubmitFormAction()Initializes SubmitFormAction object.


Flags { get; set; }Gets or sets flagas of submit action
Next { get; }Next actions in sequence.
Url { get; set; }Destination URL.


GetECMAScriptString()Gets string for ECMAScript Action.


const CanonicalFormatIf set, any submitted field values representing dates shall be converted to the standard format.
const EmbedFormIf set, the F entry of the submitted FDF shall be a file specification containing an embedded file stream representing the PDF file from which the FDF is being submitted.
const ExclFKeyIf set, the submitted FDF shall exclude the F entry.
const ExclNonUserAnnotsIf set, it shall include only those markup annotations whose T entry matches the name of the current user.
const ExcludeIf clear, the Fields array specifies which fields to include in the submission.
const ExportFormatIf set, field names and values shall be submitted in HTML Form format.
const GetMethodIf set, field names and values shall be submitted using an HTTP GET request.
const IncludeAnnotationsIf set, the submitted FDF file shall include includes all markup annotations in the underlying PDF document.
const IncludeAppendSavesIf set, the submitted FDF file shall include the contents of all incremental updates.
const IncludeNoValueFieldsIf set, all fields designated by the Fields array and the Include/Exclude flag shall be submitted.
const SubmitCoordinatesIf set, the coordinates of the mouse click that caused the submit-form action shall be transmitted as part of the form data.
const SubmitPdfIf set, the document shall be submitted as PDF, using the MIME content type application/pdf.
const XfdfIf set, field names and values shall be submitted as XFDF.

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