Class XYZExplicitDestination

XYZExplicitDestination class

Represents explicit destination that displays the page with the coordinates (left, top) positioned at the upper-left corner of the window and the contents of the page magnified by the factor zoom. A null value for any of the parameters left, top, or zoom specifies that the current value of that parameter is to be retained unchanged. A zoom value of 0 has the same meaning as a null value.

public sealed class XYZExplicitDestination : ExplicitDestination


XYZExplicitDestination(int, double, double, double)Creates remote explicit destination.
XYZExplicitDestination(Page, double, double, double)Creates local explicit destination.


Left { get; }Gets left horizontal coordinate of the upper-left corner of the window.
Page { get; }Gets the destination page object
PageNumber { get; }Gets the destination page number
Top { get; }Gets top vertical coordinate of the upper-left corner of the window.
Zoom { get; }Gets zoom factor.


static CreateDestination(Page, double, double, double, bool)Create destintion to specified location of the page considering page rotation if required.
static CreateDestinationToUpperLeftCorner(Page)Create destination to specified page.
static CreateDestinationToUpperLeftCorner(Page, double)Create destionation to upper left corner of the specifed page.
override ToString()Converts the object state into string value. Example: “1 XYZ 100 200 3”.


Document doc = new Document("example.pdf");
XYZExplicitDestination dest = (XYZExplicitDestination)doc.Outlines[1].Destination;
string left = dest.Left;
string top = dest.Top;
string zoom = dest.Zoom;

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