DefaultMetadataProperties enumeration

Enumeration of standard XMP properties.

public enum DefaultMetadataProperties


Name Value Description
Advisory 0 xmp:Advisory property. An unordered array specifying properties that were edited outside the authoring application. Each item should contain a single /// namespace and XPath separated by one ASCII space
BaseURL 1 xmp:BaseURL property. The base URL for relative URLs in the document content. If this document contains Internet links, and those links are relative, /// they are relative to this base URL. This property provides a standard way for embedded relative URLs to be interpreted by tools. /// Web authoring tools should set the value based on their notion of where URLs will be interpreted
CreateDate 2 xmp:CreateDate property. The date and time the resource was originally created.
CreatorTool 3 xmp:CreatorTool property. The name of the first known tool used to create the resource.
Identifier 4 xmp:Identifier property. An unordered array of text strings that unambiguously identify the resource within a given context
MetadataDate 5 xmp:MetadataDate property. The date and time that any metadata for this resource was last changed
ModifyDate 6 xmp:ModifyDate property. The date and time the resource was last modified.
Nickname 7 xmp:Nickname property. A short informal name for the resource.
Thumbnails 8 xmp:Thumbnails property. An alternative array of thumbnail images for a file, which can differ in characteristics such as size or image encoding.

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