FormattedText class

Class which represents formatted text. Contains information about text and its color, size, style.

public sealed class FormattedText


Name Description
FormattedText() Initializes FormattedText.
FormattedText(string) Initializes FormattedText.
FormattedText(string, Color, Color) Initializes FormattedText.
FormattedText(string, Color, FontStyle, EncodingType, bool, float) Initializes FormattedText.
FormattedText(string, Color, string, EncodingType, bool, float) Initializes FormattedText.
FormattedText(string, FontColor, FontStyle, EncodingType, bool, float) Initializes FormattedText.
FormattedText(string, Color, Color, FontStyle, EncodingType, bool, float) Initializes FormattedText.
FormattedText(string, Color, Color, string, EncodingType, bool, float) Initializes FormattedText.
FormattedText(string, Color, FontStyle, EncodingType, bool, float, float) Initializes FormattedText.
FormattedText(string, FontColor, FontColor, FontStyle, EncodingType, bool, float) Initializes FormattedText.
FormattedText(string, FontColor, FontStyle, EncodingType, bool, float, float) Initialize FormattedText.
FormattedText(string, Color, Color, FontStyle, EncodingType, bool, float, float) Initializes FormattedText.
FormattedText(string, FontColor, FontColor, FontStyle, EncodingType, bool, float, float) Initializes FormattedText.


Name Description
TextHeight { get; } Gets height of text.
TextWidth { get; } Gets width of text.


Name Description
AddNewLineText(string) Adds a new line to the FormattedText object and sets the newLineText to the next line’s text.
AddNewLineText(string, float) Adds a new line to the FormattedText object and sets the newLineText to the next line’s text.

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