FormEditor.AddSubmitBtn method

Add submit button on the form.

public void AddSubmitBtn(string fieldName, int page, string label, string url, float llx, 
    float lly, float urx, float ury)
Parameter Type Description
fieldName String Name of new button.
page Int32 Page where button will be placed.
label String Button caption.
url String URL of the submit button.
llx Single Abscissa of the lower-left corner.
lly Single Ordinate of the lower-left corner.
urx Single Abscissa of the upper-right corner.
ury Single Ordinate of the upper-right corner.


FormEditor formEditor = new FormEditor("PdfForm.pdf", "FormEditor_AddSubmitBtn.pdf");
formEditor.AddSubmitBtn("submit", 1, "Submit", "", 10, 200, 70, 270);

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