FormEditor.MoveField method

Set new position of field.

public bool MoveField(string fieldName, float llx, float lly, float urx, float ury)
Parameter Type Description
fieldName String Name of field which must be moved.
llx Single Abscissa of the lower-left corner of the field.
lly Single Ordinate of the lower-left coerner of the field.
urx Single Abscissa of the upper-right corner of the field.
ury Single Ordinate of the upper-right corner of the field.

Return Value

true if field position was changed successfully.


FormEditor formEditor = new FormEditor("PdfForm.pdf", "FormEditor_MoveField.pdf");
formEditor.MoveField("textField", 20.5f, 20.3f, 120.6f, 40.8f);

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