Class FormFieldFacade

FormFieldFacade class

Class for representing field properties.

public sealed class FormFieldFacade


FormFieldFacade()The default constructor.


Alignment { get; set; }The alignment of a field text, default is left alignment.
BackgroundColor { get; set; }The color of a field background, default is white.
BorderColor { get; set; }The color of a field border.
BorderStyle { get; set; }The style of a field border.
BorderWidth { get; set; }The width of a field border.
Box { get; set; }A rectangle object holding field’s location.
ButtonStyle { get; set; }The style of check box or radio box field, defined by FormFieldFacade.CheckBoxStyle*.
Caption { get; set; }The normal caption of form field.
CustomFont { get; set; }Gets or sets name of the font when this is non-standart (other then 14 standard fonts).
ExportItems { get; set; }The options for adding a list/combo/radio box
Font { get; set; }The font type of a field text.
FontSize { get; set; }The size of a field text.
Items { get; set; }An array of string, each representing an option of a combo box/list/radio box field.
PageNumber { get; set; }An integer value holding the number of page on which field locates.
Position { get; set; }A rectangle object holding field’s location.
Rotation { get; set; }The rotation of a field text.
TextColor { get; set; }The color of the field text.
TextEncoding { get; set; }The text encoding type of the field text.


Reset()Reset all visual attribtues to empty value.


const AlignBottomDefines vertical aglignment as bottom style.
const AlignCenterDefines aglignment to center style.
const AlignJustifiedDefines text justification alignment style.
const AlignLeftDefines aglignment to left style.
const AlignMiddleDefines vertical aglignment as middle style.
const AlignRightDefines aglignment to right style.
const AlignTopDefines vertical aglignment as top style.
const AlignUndefinedUndefined aglignment style.
const BorderStyleBeveledDefines a beveled border style.
const BorderStyleDashedDefines a dashed border style.
const BorderStyleInsetDefines an inseted border style.
const BorderStyleSolidDefines a solid border style.
const BorderStyleUndefinedUndefined border style.
const BorderStyleUnderlineDefines an underlined border style.
const BorderWidthMediumDefines a medium border width.
const BorderWidthThickDefines a thick border width.
const BorderWidthThinDefines a thin border width.
const BorderWidthUndefinedUndefined border width.
const CheckBoxStyleCheckDefines the shape of a check box field when it checked.
const CheckBoxStyleCircleDefines a circle check box style.
const CheckBoxStyleCrossDefines a cross check box style.
const CheckBoxStyleDiamondDefines a diamond check box style.
const CheckBoxStyleSquareDefines a square check box style.
const CheckBoxStyleStarDefines a star check box style.
const CheckBoxStyleUndefinedDefines an undefined check box style.

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