PdfAnnotationEditor.ModifyAnnotations method

Modifies the annotations of the specifed type on the specified page range. It supports to modify next annotation properties: Modified, Title, Contents, Color, Subject and Open.

public void ModifyAnnotations(int start, int end, Annotation annotation)
Parameter Type Description
start Int32 The start page number.
end Int32 The end page number.
annotation Annotation The annotation object contains new properties.


PdfAnnotationEditor editor = new PdfAnnotationEditor();
TextAnnotation annot = new TextAnnotation();
annot.Modified = DateTime.Now;
annot.Title = "NEW AUTHOR";
annot.Contents = "NEW CONTENTS";
annot.Color = Color.Red;
annot.Subject = "NEW SUBJECT";
annot.Open = true;
editor.ModifyAnnotations(1, 2, annot);

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