Class PdfBookmarkEditor

PdfBookmarkEditor class

Represents a class to work with PDF file’s bookmarks including create, modify, export, import and delete.

public sealed class PdfBookmarkEditor : SaveableFacade


PdfBookmarkEditor()Initializes new PdfBookmarkEditor object.
PdfBookmarkEditor(Document)Initializes new PdfBookmarkEditor object on base of the document.


Document { get; }Gets the document facade is working on.


virtual BindPdf(Document)Initializes the facade.
virtual BindPdf(Stream)Initializes the facade.
virtual BindPdf(string)Initializes the facade.
virtual Close()Disposes Aspose.Pdf.Document bound with a facade.
CreateBookmarkOfPage(string, int)Creates bookmark for the specified page.
CreateBookmarkOfPage(string[], int[])Creates bookmarks for the specified pages.
CreateBookmarks()Creates bookmarks for all pages.
CreateBookmarks(Bookmark)Creates the specified bookmark in the document. The method can be used for forming nested bookmarks hierarchy.
CreateBookmarks(Color, bool, bool)Create bookmarks for all pages with specified color and style (bold, italic).
DeleteBookmarks()Deletes all bookmarks of the PDF document.
DeleteBookmarks(string)Deletes the bookmark of the PDF document.
Dispose()Disposes the facade.
ExportBookmarksToXML(Stream)Exports bookmarks to XML stream.
ExportBookmarksToXML(string)Exports bookmarks to XML file.
ExtractBookmarks()Extracts bookmarks of all levels from the document.
ExtractBookmarks(Bookmark)Extracts the children of a bookmark with a title like in specified bookamrk.
ExtractBookmarks(bool)Extracts bookmarks of all levels from the document.
ExtractBookmarks(string)Extracts the bookmarks with the specified title.
ImportBookmarksWithXML(Stream)Imports bookmarks to the document from XML file.
ImportBookmarksWithXML(string)Imports bookmarks to the document from XML file.
ModifyBookmarks(string, string)Modifys bookmark title according to the specified bookmark title.
virtual Save(Stream)Saves the PDF document to the specified stream.
virtual Save(string)Saves the PDF document to the specified file.
static ExportBookmarksToHtml(string, string)Exports bookmarks to HTML file.

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