PdfFileSanitization class

Represents sanitization and recovery API. Use it if you can’t create/open documents in any other way.

public sealed class PdfFileSanitization : SaveableFacade


Name Description
PdfFileSanitization() The default constructor.


Name Description
Document { get; } Gets the document facade is working on.
Log { get; } After file has Saved you can check what was done with file.
UseTrimBottom { get; set; } Allows to remove data after pdf data
UseTrimTop { get; set; } Allows to remove data before pdf data.


Name Description
override BindPdf(Document) Initializes the facade.
override BindPdf(Stream) Binds a Pdf stream for Sanitize.
override BindPdf(string) Binds a Pdf file for Sanitize.
override Close() Closes the facade.
Dispose() Disposes the facade.
Recover() Recovers document. Use properties to customize.
override Save(Stream) Saves the result PDF to stream.
override Save(string) Saves the result PDF to file.
TrimBottom() Removes data after last %%EOF.
TrimTop() Removes data before %PDF.

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