Class PdfFileSanitization

PdfFileSanitization class

Represents sanitization and recovery API. Use it if you can’t create/open documents in any other way.

public sealed class PdfFileSanitization : SaveableFacade


PdfFileSanitization()The default constructor.


Document { get; }Gets the document facade is working on.
Log { get; }After file has Saved you can check what was done with file.
UseRebuildXrefAndTrailer { get; set; }Allows to generate new xref and trailer for document.
UseTrimBottom { get; set; }Allows to remove data after pdf data
UseTrimTop { get; set; }Allows to remove data before pdf data.


override BindPdf(Document)Initializes the facade.
override BindPdf(Stream)Binds a Pdf stream for Sanitize.
override BindPdf(string)Binds a Pdf file for Sanitize.
override Close()Closes the facade.
Dispose()Disposes the facade.
RebuildXrefAndTrailer()Removes old xref with trailer and creates a new xref with trailer.
Recover()Recovers document. Use properties to customize.
override Save(Stream)Saves the result PDF to stream.
override Save(string)Saves the result PDF to file.
TrimBottom()Removes data after last %%EOF.
TrimTop()Removes data before %PDF.

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