Certify(int, string, string, string, bool, Rectangle, DocMDPSignature)

Certify the document with the MDP signature. Such data as signature reason, contact and location must be provided by corresponding properties of the Signature object sig.

public void Certify(int page, string SigReason, string SigContact, string SigLocation, 
    bool visible, Rectangle annotRect, DocMDPSignature docMdpSignature)
Parameter Type Description
page Int32 The page on which signature is made.
SigReason String The reason of signature.
SigContact String The contact of signature.
SigLocation String The location of signature.
visible Boolean The visiblity of signature.
annotRect Rectangle The rect of signature.
docMdpSignature DocMDPSignature The document MDP type of the signature.

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Certify(string, DocMDPSignature)

Certify the document with the MDP signature which is placed in already presented signature field. Before signing signature field must be empty, i.e. field must not contain signature dictionary. Thus pdf document already has signature field, you should not supply the place to stamp the signature, corresponding page and rectangle are taken from signature field which is found by signature name (see sigName parameter).

public void Certify(string sigName, DocMDPSignature docMdpSignature)
Parameter Type Description
sigName String The name of the signature field.
docMdpSignature DocMDPSignature The type of the signature, could be PKCS1, PKCS7 and PKCS7Detached

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