PdfPageEditor class

Represents a class to edit the PDF file’s page, including rotating page, zooming page, moving position and changing page size.

public sealed class PdfPageEditor : SaveableFacade


Name Description
PdfPageEditor() Constructor for PdfPageEditor class.
PdfPageEditor(Document) Constructor for PdfPageEditor class.


Name Description
DisplayDuration { get; set; } Gets or sets display duration for pages.
Document { get; } Gets the document facade is working on.
HorizontalAlignment { get; set; } Gets or sets the horizontal alignment of the original PDF content on the result page, default is AlignmentType.Left.
PageRotations { get; set; } A hashtable contains the page number and rotation degree, the key represents the page number, the value of key represents the rotation in degrees.
PageSize { get; set; } Gets or sets the output file’s page size.
ProcessPages { get; set; } Gets or sets the page numbers to be edited. By default, each page would be edited.
Rotation { get; set; } Gets or sets the rotation of the pages, the rotation must be 0, 90, 180 or 270. Default value is 0.
TransitionDuration { get; set; } Gets or sets duration of the transition effect.
TransitionType { get; set; } Gets or sets transition style to use when moving to this page from another during a presentation.
VerticalAlignmentType { get; set; } Gets or Sets the vertical alignment of the original PDF content on the result page, default is VerticalAlignmentType.Bottom.
Zoom { get; set; } Get or sets zoom coefficient. Value 1.0 corresponds to 100%. Default value is 1.0. The following example demonstrates how to change zoom of the document pages.


Name Description
ApplyChanges() Apply changes made to the document pages.
virtual BindPdf(Document) Initializes the facade.
virtual BindPdf(Stream) Initializes the facade.
virtual BindPdf(string) Initializes the facade.
virtual Close() Disposes Aspose.Pdf.Document bound with a facade.
Dispose() Disposes the facade.
GetPageBoxSize(int, string) Returns size of specified box in document.
GetPageRotation(int) Returns the rotation of specified page.
GetPages() Returns total number of pages.
GetPageSize(int) Returns the page size of the specified page.
MovePosition(float, float) Moves the origin from (0, 0) to the point that appointted. The origin is left-bottom and the unit is point(1 inch = 72 points).
override Save(Stream) Saves changed document into stream.
override Save(string) Saves changed document into file.


Name Description
const BLINDH Vertical Blinds
const BLINDV Vertical Blinds
const BTWIPE Bottom-Top Wipe
const DGLITTER Diagonal Glitter
const DISSOLVE The old page dissolves
const INBOX Inward Box
const LRGLITTER Left-Right Glitter
const LRWIPE Left-Right Wipe
const OUTBOX Outward Box
const RLWIPE Right-Left Wipe
const SPLITHIN IN Horizontal Split
const SPLITHOUT Out Horizontal Split
const SPLITVIN In Vertical Split
const SPLITVOUT Out Vertical Split
const TBGLITTER Top-Bottom Glitter
const TBWIPE Top-Bottom Wipe

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