Class PdfXmpMetadata

PdfXmpMetadata class

Class for manipulation with XMP metadata.

public sealed class PdfXmpMetadata : SaveableFacade, IDictionary<string, XmpValue>


PdfXmpMetadata()Constructor for PdfXmpMetadata.
PdfXmpMetadata(Document)Initializes new PdfXmpMetadata object on base of the document.


Count { get; }Gets count if items in the collection.
Document { get; }Gets the document facade is working on.
ExtensionFields { get; }Gets the dictionary of extension fields.
IsFixedSize { get; }Returns true is collection has fixed size.
IsReadOnly { get; }Returns true if collection is read-only.
IsSynchronized { get; }Returns true if collection is synchronized.
Item { get; set; }Gets or sets value by key. (2 indexers)
Keys { get; }Gets keys from the dictionary.
SyncRoot { get; }Gets synchroniztion object of the collection.
Values { get; }Gets the collection of values in dictionary.


Add(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>)Adds pair with key and value into the dictionary.
Add(DefaultMetadataProperties, XmpValue)Adds value to XMP metadata.
Add(string, object)Adds new element to the dictionary object.
Add(string, XmpValue)Adds new element to the dictionary object.
Add(XmpPdfAExtensionObject, string, string, string)Adds extension field into metadata.
virtual BindPdf(Document)Initializes the facade.
virtual BindPdf(Stream)Initializes the facade.
virtual BindPdf(string)Initializes the facade.
Clear()Removes all elements from the object.
virtual Close()Disposes Aspose.Pdf.Document bound with a facade.
Contains(DefaultMetadataProperties)Checks if dictionary contains the specified property.
Contains(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>)Checks does specified key-value pair is contained in the dictionary.
Contains(string)Checks if dictionary contains the specified key.
ContainsKey(string)Determines does this dictionary contasins specified key.
CopyTo(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>[], int)
Dispose()Disposes the facade.
GetEnumerator()Gets enumerator object of the dictionary.
GetNamespaceURIByPrefix(string)Gets namespace URI by prefix.
GetPrefixByNamespaceURI(string)Gets the prefix by namespace URI.
GetXmpMetadata()Get the XmpMetadata of the input pdf in a xml format.
GetXmpMetadata(string)Get a part of the XmpMetadata of the input pdf according to a meta name.
RegisterNamespaceURI(string, string)Registers the namespace URI.
Remove(DefaultMetadataProperties)Removes element with specified key.
Remove(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>)Removes key/value pair from the collection.
Remove(string)Removes key from the dictionary.
virtual Save(Stream)Saves the PDF document to the specified stream.
virtual Save(string)Saves the PDF document to the specified file.
TryGetValue(string, out XmpValue)Tries to find key in the dictionary and retreives value if found.

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