Class Stamp

Stamp class

Class represeting stamp.

public sealed class Stamp


Stamp()The default constructor.


BlendingSpace { get; set; }Gets or sets a BlendingColorSpace value that defines a color space that is used to perform transparency and blending operations on the page.
IsBackground { get; set; }Gets or sets background status. If true stamp will be placed as background of the spamped page. By default is set to false.
Opacity { get; set; }Gets or sets opacity of the stamp.
PageNumber { get; set; }Gets or sets page number.
Pages { get; set; }Gets or sets array with numbers of pages which will be affected by stamp. If Pages = null all pages of the document are affected.
Quality { get; set; }Gets or sets quality of image stamp in percent. Valiued values 0..100%.
Rotation { get; set; }Gets or sets rotation of the stamp in degrees.
StampId { get; set; }Gets or sets identifier of stamp.


BindImage(Stream)Sets image which will be used as stamp.
BindImage(string)Sets image as a stamp.
BindLogo(FormattedText)Sets text as stamp.
BindPdf(Stream, int)Sets PDF file and number of page which will be used as stamp.
BindPdf(string, int)Sets PDF file and number of page which will be used as stamp.
BindTextState(TextState)Sets text state of stamp text.
SetImageSize(float, float)Sets size of image stamp. Image will be scaled according to the specified values.
SetOrigin(float, float)Sets position on page where stamp will be placed.

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