IconFit class

Describes how the widget annotation’s icon shall be displayed within its annotation rectangle.

public sealed class IconFit


LeftoverBottom { get; set; }Gets or sets space to allocate at the bottom of the icon.
LeftoverLeft { get; set; }Gets or sets space to allocate at the left of the icon.
ScalingMode { get; set; }The type of scaling that shall be used. ///
ScalingReason { get; set; }Gets or sets scaling reason.
SpreadOnBorder { get; set; }If true, indicates that the button appearance shall be scaled to fit fully within the bounds of the annotation without taking into consideration the line width of the border.


static NameToScalingMode(string)Converts scaling mode name into ScalingMode object.
static NameToScalingReason(string)Converts name of scaling reason into ScalingReason object.
static ScalingModeToName(ScalingMode)Converts scaling mode object into name.
static ScalingReasonToName(ScalingReason)Converts scaling reason obejct to name.

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