Class PKCS7

PKCS7 class

Represents the PKCS#7 object that conform to the PKCS#7 specification in Internet RFC 2315, PKCS #7: Cryptographic Message Syntax, Version 1.5. The SHA1 digest of the document’s byte range is encapsulated in the PKCS#7 SignedData field.

public sealed class PKCS7 : Signature


PKCS7()Inititalizes new instance of the PKCS7 class.
PKCS7(Stream, string)Inititalizes new instance of the PKCS7 class.
PKCS7(string, string)Inititalizes new instance of the PKCS7 class.


Authority { get; set; }The name of the person or authority signing the document.
ByteRange { get; }An array of pairs of integers (starting byte offset, length in bytes) that shall describe the exact byte range for the digest calculation.
ContactInfo { get; set; }Information provided by the signer to enable a recipient to contact the signer to verify the signature, e.g. a phone number.
CustomAppearance { get; set; }Gets/sets the custom appearance.
CustomSignHash { get; set; }The delegate for custom sign the document hash (Beta).
Date { get; set; }The time of signing.
Location { get; set; }The CPU host name or physical location of the signing.
OcspSettings { get; set; }Gets/sets ocsp settings.
Reason { get; set; }The reason for the signing, such as (I agree…).
ShowProperties { get; set; }Force to show/hide signature properties. In case ShowProperties is true signature field has predefined format of appearance (strings to represent): ——————————————- Digitally signed by {certificate subject} Date: {signature.Date} Reason: {signature.Reason} Location: {signature.Location} ——————————————- where {X} is placeholder for X value. Also signature can have image, in this case listed strings are placed over image. ShowProperties is true by default.
TimestampSettings { get; set; }Gets/sets timestamp settings.
UseLtv { get; set; }Gets/sets ltv validation flag.


Verify()Verify the document regarding this signature and return true if document is valid or otherwise false.

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