SignatureCustomAppearance class

An abstract class which represents signature custon appearance object.

public sealed class SignatureCustomAppearance


SignatureCustomAppearance()The default constructor.


BackgroundColor { get; set; }Gets/sets background color. Default value: Transparent.
ContactInfoLabel { get; set; }Gets/sets contact info label. Default value: “Contact”.
Culture { get; set; }Gets/sets culture info value. Default value: InvariantCulture.
DateSignedAtLabel { get; set; }Gets/sets date signed label. Default value: “Date”.
DateTimeFormat { get; set; }Gets/sets datetime format. Default value: “yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm:ss”.
DateTimeLocalFormat { get; set; }Gets/sets datetime local format. Default value: “yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm:ss zzz”.
DigitalSignedLabel { get; set; }Gets/sets digital signed label. Default value: “Digitally signed by”.
DigitalSubjectFormat { get; set; }Gets/sets format for order of elements in Subject string. Result examples: C=UK, CN=Org, O=Organization or CN=Org, C=UK, O=Organization or O=Organization
FontFamilyName { get; set; }Gets/sets font family name. It should be existed in the document. Default value: Arial.
FontSize { get; set; }Gets/sets font size. Default value: 10.
ForegroundColor { get; set; }Gets/sets foreground color (color of text). Default value: Blue.
LocationLabel { get; set; }Gets/sets location label. Default value: “Location”.
ReasonLabel { get; set; }Gets/sets reason label. Default value: “Reason”.
Rotation { get; set; }Gets or sets signature rotation.
ShowContactInfo { get; set; }Gets/sets contact info visibility. Default value: true.
ShowLocation { get; set; }Gets/sets location visibility. Default value: true.
ShowReason { get; set; }Gets/sets reason visibility. Default value: true.
UseDigitalSubjectFormat { get; set; }Gets/sets the usage state of the DigitalSubjectFormat.

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