Class XFA

XFA class

Represents XML form regarding XML Forms Architecture (XFA).

public sealed class XFA


Config { get; }XFA Config component of an XFA form.
Datasets { get; }XFA Datasets component of an XFA form.
FieldNames { get; }List of field names in the form template.
Form { get; }XFA Form Component of an XFA form.
Item { get; set; }Gets of sets data node value according path.
NamespaceManager { get; }Gets the namespace for the XFA form. The following namepsaces are defined: “data” for form data and “tpl” for form template.
Template { get; }XFA Template component of an XFA form.
XDP { get; }XML Data Package (all XFA form components within a surrounding XML container).


GetFieldTemplate(string)Returns XML node of XFA field tempalte.
GetFieldTemplates()Returns list of all field templates on XFA form.
SetFieldImage(string, Stream)Sets image for XFA field.

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