AttributeOwnerStandard class

Represents Standard Attribute Owners.

public sealed class AttributeOwnerStandard


Name Description
Owner { get; } Get Attribute Owner.


Name Description
override ToString() Returns a string that represents the current object.
explicit operator Performs an explicit conversion from String to AttributeOwnerStandard.


Name Description
static readonly Css_100 CSS-1.00 attribute owner.
static readonly Css_200 CSS-2.00 attribute owner.
static readonly Html_320 HTML-3.20 attribute owner.
static readonly Html_401 HTML-4.01 attribute owner.
static readonly Layout Layout attribute owner.
static readonly List List attribute owner.
static readonly Oeb_100 OEB-1.00 attribute owner.
static readonly PrintField PrintField attribute owner.
static readonly Rtf_105 RTF-1.05 attribute owner.
static readonly Table Table attribute owner.
static readonly Xml_100 XML-1.0.0 attribute owner.

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