Class StructureTextState

StructureTextState class

Represents text state settings for Text Structure Elements and TaggedContent (ITextElement, ITaggedContent)

public class StructureTextState


BackgroundColor { get; set; }Gets or sets background color of the text.
CharacterSpacing { get; set; }Gets or sets character spacing of the text.
Font { get; set; }Gets or sets the font of text.
FontSize { get; set; }Gets or sets font size of the text.
FontStyle { get; set; }Gets or sets font style of the text.
ForegroundColor { get; set; }Gets or sets foreground color of the text.
HorizontalScaling { get; set; }Gets or sets horizontal scaling of the text.
LineSpacing { get; set; }Gets or sets line spacing of the text.
MarginInfo { get; set; }Gets or sets margin for block structure element.
StrikeOut { get; set; }Gets or sets strikeout for the text.
Subscript { get; set; }Gets or sets subscript of the text.
Superscript { get; set; }Gets or sets superscript of the text.
Underline { get; set; }Gets or sets underline for the text.
WordSpacing { get; set; }Gets or sets word spacing of the text.

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