The Aspose.Pdf.Operators is a namespace for Operator implementations. These classes describes operators used in PDF page contents.


BasicSetColorAndPatternOperatorBase operator for all Set Color operators.
BasicSetColorOperatorBase class for set color operators.
BDCclass representing BDC operator (Begin marked-content sequence)
BIClass representing BI operator (Begin inline image obect).
BlockTextOperatorAbstract base class for text block operators i.e. Begin and End text operators (BT/ET)
BMCClass representing BMC operator (Begin marked-content sequence).
BTClass representing BT operator (Begin of text block).
BXClass representing BX operator (begin compatibility section).
ClipClass representing W operator (set clipping path using non-zero winding rule).
ClosePathClass representing h operator (close path).
ClosePathEOFillStrokeClass representing b* operator (close, fill and stroke path using even-odd rule).
ClosePathFillStrokeClass representing b operator (close, fill and stroke path with nonzer winding rule).
ClosePathStrokeClass representing s operator (Close and stroke path).
ConcatenateMatrixClass representing cm operator (concatenate matrix to current transformation matrix).
CurveToClass representing c operator (append curve to path).
CurveTo1Class representing v operator (append curve to path, initial point replicated).
CurveTo2Class representing y operator (append curve to path, final point replicated).
DoClass representing Do operator (Invoke XObject).
DPClass represeting DP operator (designamte marked content point).
EIClass representing EI operator (End inline image object).
EMCClsss representing EMC oeprator (End of marked-content sequence).
EndPathClass representing n operator (end path without filling or stroking).
EOClipClass representing W* operator (set clipping path using even-odd rule).
EOFillClass representing f* operator (fill path using even-odd rule).
EOFillStrokeClass representing B* operator (fill and stroke path usign even-odd rule).
ETClass representing operator ET (End of text block).
EXClass representing EX operator (End of compatibility section).
FillClass representing f operator (fill path with nonzero winding number rule).
FillStrokeClass representing B operator (fill and stroke path using nonzero winding rule)
GlyphPositionClass describes text and position to use with operator TJ (set glyph with position)
GRestoreClass representing Q operator (restore graphics state).
GSClass representing gs operator (set parameters from graphic state parameter dictionary).
GSaveClass representing q operator (save graphics state).
IDClass representing ID operator (Begin inline image data).
LineToClass representing l operator (add line to the path).
MoveTextPositionClass representing Td operator (move text position).
MoveTextPositionSetLeadingClass representing TD operator (move position and set leading).
MoveToClass representing m operator (move to and begin new subpath).
MoveToNextLineClass representing T* operator (Move to start of the next line).
MoveToNextLineShowTextClass representing ’ operator (move to next line and show text).
MPClass representing MP operator (define marked-content point).
ObsoleteFillClass representing F operator (fill path using nonzero winding rule).
ReClass representing re operator (add rectangle to the path).
SelectFontClass representing Tf operator (set text font and size).
SetAdvancedColorClass representing scn operator (set color for non-stroking operations).
SetAdvancedColorStrokeClass representing SCN operator (set color for stroking operations).
SetCharacterSpacingClass representing Tc operator (set character spacing).
SetCharWidthClass representing d0 operator (set glyph width).
SetCharWidthBoundingBoxClass representing d1 operator (set glyph and bounding box).
SetCMYKColorClass representing k operator (set CMYK color for non-stroking operations).
SetCMYKColorStrokeClass representing K operator (set CMYK color for stroking operations).
SetColorRepresents class for sc operator (set color for non-stroking operations).
SetColorOperatorClass representing set color operation.
SetColorRenderingIntentClass representing ri operator (set color rendering intent).
SetColorSpaceClass representing cs operator (set colorspace for non-stroking operations)
SetColorSpaceStrokeClass representing CS operator (set color for stroking operations).
SetColorStrokeClass representing SC operator set color for stroking color operators.
SetDashClass representing d operator (set line dash pattern).
SetFlatClass representing i operator (set flatness tolerance).
SetGlyphsPositionShowTextClass representing TJ operator (show text with glyph positioning).
SetGraySet gray level for non-stroking operations.
SetGrayStrokeClass representing gray level for stroking operations.
SetHorizontalTextScalingClass representing Tz operator (set horizontal text scaling).
SetLineCapClass representing J operator (set line cap style).
SetLineJoinClass representing j operator (set line join style).
SetLineWidthClass representing w operator (set line width).
SetMiterLimitClass representing M operator (set miter limit).
SetRGBColorClass representing rg operator (set RGB color for non-stroking operators).
SetRGBColorStrokeClass representing RG operator (set RGB color for stroking operators).
SetSpacingMoveToNextLineShowTextClass representing " operator (set word and character spacing, move to the next line and show text).
SetTextLeadingClass represenging TL operator (set text leading).
SetTextMatrixClass representing Tm operator (set text matrix).
SetTextRenderingModeClass representing Tr operator (set text rendering mode).
SetTextRiseClass representing Ts operator (set text rise).
SetWordSpacingClass representing Tw operator (set word spacing).
ShFillClass representing sh operator (paint area with shading pattern).
ShowTextClass representing Tj operator (show text).
StrokeClass representing S operator (stroke path).
TextOperatorAbstract base class for text-related operators (TJ, Tj, Tm, BT, ET, etc).
TextPlaceOperatorAbstract base class for operators which changes text position (Tm, Td, etc).
TextShowOperatorAbstract base class for all operators which used to out text (Tj, TJ, etc).
TextStateOperatorAbstract base class for operators which changes current text state (Tc, Tf, TL, etc).


LineCapThe line cap style shall specify the shape that shall be used at the ends of open subpaths (and dashes, if any) when they are stroked.
LineJoinThe line join style shall specify the shape to be used at the corners of paths that are stroked.