BasicSetColorOperator class

Base class for set color operators.

public abstract class BasicSetColorOperator : SetColorOperator


Name Description
B { get; } Gets red component of color
C { get; } Gets cyan component of CMYK color.
virtual Color { get; } Gets array of color components.
G { get; } Gets green component of color
Grey { get; } Gets black component of gray color.
Index { get; set; } Operator index in page operators list.
K { get; } Gets black component of CMYK color.
M { get; } Gets magenta component of CMYK color.
R { get; } Gets red component of color
Y { get; } Gets yellow component of CMYK color.


Name Description
abstract Accept(IOperatorSelector) Accepts visitor IOperatorSelector which provides operators processing.
abstract getColor() Retirns color specified by the operator.
override ToString() Returns text of operator and its parameters.

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