SetDash class

Class representing d operator (set line dash pattern).

public class SetDash : Operator


Name Description
SetDash(int[], int) Creates set dash pattern operator.


Name Description
Index { get; set; } Operator index in page operators list.
Pattern { get; set; } Dash pattern. Array�s elements shall be numbers that specify the lengths of alternating dashes and gaps. In case of one element array dash and gap lengths are equal.
Phase { get; set; } Dash phase. Before beginning to stroke a path, the dash array shall be cycled through, adding up the lengths of dashes and gaps. When the accumulated length equals the value specified by the dash phase, stroking of the path shall begin, and the dash array shall be used cyclically from that point onward.


Name Description
override Accept(IOperatorSelector) Accepts visitor object to process operator.
override ToString() Gets operator string representation.

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