CustomPrintEventArgsProvides data for the CustomPrint event.
PageSettingsSpecifies settings that apply to a single, printed page.
PaperSizeSpecifies the size of a piece of paper.
PaperSizesRepresents the standard paper sizes.
PaperSourceSpecifies the paper tray from which the printer gets paper.
PaperSourcesProvides a set of predefined PaperSource instances representing common paper sources.
PdfQueryPageSettingsEventArgsProvides data for the PdfQueryPageSettings event.
PrinterResolutionRepresents the resolution supported by a printer.
PrinterSettingsSpecifies information about how a document is printed, including the printer that prints it.


DuplexSpecifies the printer’s duplex setting.
PaperKindSpecifies the standard paper sizes.
PaperSourceKindStandard paper sources.
PrinterResolutionKindSpecifies a printer resolution.
PrintRangeSpecifies the option that designate the part of the document to print.