Class TextFormattingOptions

TextFormattingOptions class

Represents text formatting options

public sealed class TextFormattingOptions : TextOptions


TextFormattingOptions()Initializes new instance of the TextFormattingOptions object with undefined word wrap mode.
TextFormattingOptions(WordWrapMode)Initializes new instance of the TextFormattingOptions object for the specified word wrap mode.


FirstLineIndent { get; set; }Gets or sets first line indent value.
HyphenSymbol { get; set; }Gets or sets hyphen symbol that is used in hyphenation process.
LineSpacing { get; set; }Gets or sets line spacing mode. Default value is LineSpacingMode.FontSize
SubsequentLinesIndent { get; set; }Gets or sets subsequent lines indent value.
WrapMode { get; set; }Gets or sets word wrap mode. Default value is WordWrapMode.NoWrap

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