Enum TextRenderingMode

TextRenderingMode enumeration

The text rendering mode, Tmode, determines whether showing text shall cause glyph outlines to be stroked, filled, used as a clipping boundary, or some combination of the three.

public enum TextRenderingMode


FillText0Fill text.
StrokeText1Stroke text.
FillThenStrokeText2Fill, then stroke text.
Invisible3Neither fill nor stroke text (invisible).
FillTextAndAddPathToClipping4Fill text and add to path for clipping (see 9.3.6, “Text Rendering Mode,”).
StrokeTextAndAddPathToClipping5Stroke text and add to path for clipping.
FillThenStrokeTextAndAddPathToClipping6Fill, then stroke text and add to path for clipping.
AddPathToClipping7Add text to path for clipping.

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