The Aspose.Pdf.Vector is a root namespace for graphics operations.


GraphicElementRepresents base class for graphics object on the page.
GraphicElementCollectionRepresents GraphicElement collection.
GraphicsAbsorberRepresents an absorber object of graphics elements. Performs graphics search and provides access to search results via Elements collection.
GraphicStateRepresents graphic state of the current GraphicElement.
SubPathRepresents vector graphics object on the page. Basically, vector graphics objects are represented by two groups of SubPaths. One of them is represented by a set of lines and curves. Others are presented as rectangles and can sometimes be confused. Usually it is a rectangular area that has a color, but very often this rectangle is placed at the beginning of the page and defines the entire space of the page in white. So you get the SubPath, but visually you only see the text on the page.
XFormPlacementRepresents XForm placement. If the XForm is displayed on the page more than 1 time, all XformPlacements associated with this XForm will have common graphical elements, but different graphical states.