ArtifactCollection class

Class represents artifact collection.

public class ArtifactCollection : ICollection<Artifact>


Name Description
Count { get; } Gets count of artifacts in collection.
IsReadOnly { get; } Gets if collection is readonly. Always returns false.
IsSynchronized { get; } Is this object synchronized.
Item { get; } Gets artifact by index. Index is started from 1.
SyncRoot { get; } Gets synchronization object of the collection.


Name Description
Add(Artifact) Adds artifacts to the collection.
CopyTo(Artifact[], int) Copies colection into an array.
Delete(Artifact) Deletes specified artifact.
Delete(int) Deletes artifact by its index.
FindByValue(string, string) Finds artifacts by custom value.
GetEnumerator() Gets enumerator for the collection.
Update(Artifact) Update artifact inside the collection.

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