Metadata class

Provides access to XMP metadata stream.

public sealed class Metadata : IDictionary<string, XmpValue>


Name Description
Count { get; } Gets count of elements in the collection.
ExtensionFields { get; } Gets the dictionary of extension fields.
IsFixedSize { get; } Checks if colleciton has fixed size.
IsReadOnly { get; } Checks if collection is read-only.
IsSynchronized { get; } Checks if collection is synchronized.
Item { get; set; } Gets or sets data from metadata.
Keys { get; } Gets collection of metadata keys.
NamespaceManager { get; } Gets namespace manager.
SyncRoot { get; } Gets collection synchronization object.
Values { get; } Gets values in the metadata.


Name Description
Add(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>) Adds pair with key and value into the dictionary.
Add(string, object) Adds value to metadata.
Add(string, XmpPdfAExtensionObject) Adds pdf extension to metadata.
Add(string, XmpValue) Adds value to metadata.
Clear() Clears metadata.
Contains(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>) Checks does specified key-value pair is contained in the dictionary.
Contains(string) Checks does key is contained in metadata.
ContainsKey(string) Determines does this dictionary contasins specified key.
CopyTo(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>[], int)
GetEnumerator() Returns dictionary enumerator.
GetNamespaceUriByPrefix(string) Returns namespace URI by prefix.
GetPrefixByNamespaceUri(string) Returns prefix by namespace URI.
RegisterNamespaceUri(string, string) Registers namespace URI.
RegisterNamespaceUri(string, string, string) Registers namespace URI.
Remove(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>) Removes key/value pair from the colleciton.
Remove(string) Removes entry from metadata.
TryGetValue(string, out XmpValue) Tries to find key in the dictionary and retreives value if found.

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