Class Metadata

Metadata class

Provides access to XMP metadata stream.

public sealed class Metadata : IDictionary<string, XmpValue>


Count { get; }Gets count of elements in the collection.
ExtensionFields { get; }Gets the dictionary of extension fields.
IsFixedSize { get; }Checks if colleciton has fixed size.
IsReadOnly { get; }Checks if collection is read-only.
IsSynchronized { get; }Checks if collection is synchronized.
Item { get; set; }Gets or sets data from metadata.
Keys { get; }Gets collection of metadata keys.
NamespaceManager { get; }Gets namespace manager.
SyncRoot { get; }Gets collection synchronization object.
Values { get; }Gets values in the metadata.


Add(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>)Adds pair with key and value into the dictionary.
Add(string, object)Adds value to metadata.
Add(string, XmpPdfAExtensionObject)Adds pdf extension to metadata.
Add(string, XmpValue)Adds value to metadata.
Clear()Clears metadata.
Contains(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>)Checks does specified key-value pair is contained in the dictionary.
Contains(string)Checks does key is contained in metadata.
ContainsKey(string)Determines does this dictionary contasins specified key.
CopyTo(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>[], int)
GetEnumerator()Returns dictionary enumerator.
GetNamespaceUriByPrefix(string)Returns namespace URI by prefix.
GetPrefixByNamespaceUri(string)Returns prefix by namespace URI.
RegisterNamespaceUri(string, string)Registers namespace URI.
RegisterNamespaceUri(string, string, string)Registers namespace URI.
Remove(KeyValuePair<string, XmpValue>)Removes key/value pair from the colleciton.
Remove(string)Removes entry from metadata.
TryGetValue(string, out XmpValue)Tries to find key in the dictionary and retreives value if found.

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