Class OperatorCollection

OperatorCollection class

Class represents collection of operators

public class OperatorCollection : BaseOperatorCollection


override Count { get; }Gets count of operators in the collection.
override IsFastTextExtractionMode { get; }Indicates wheather collection is limited to fast text extraction
override IsReadOnly { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the collection is read-only.
override Item { get; set; }Gets operator by its index.


Accept(IOperatorSelector)Accepts IOperatorSelector visitor object to process operators.
Add(ICollection<Operator>)Adds to collection all operators from other collection.
override Add(Operator)Adds new operator into collection.
Add(Operator[])Add operators at the end of the contents operators.
override CancelUpdate()Cancels last update. This method may be called when the change should not raise contents update.
override Clear()Removes all operators from list.
override Contains(Operator)Returns true if the collection contains given operator.
override CopyTo(Operator[], int)Copies operators into operators list.
Delete(IList<Operator>)Deletes operators from collection.
Delete(int)Deletes operator from collection.
Delete(Operator[])Deletes operators from collection.
override GetEnumerator()Returns enumerator for collection
Insert(int, IList<Operator>)Insert operators at the the given position.
override Insert(int, Operator)Inserts operator into collection.
Insert(int, Operator[])Insert operators at the the given position.
override Remove(Operator)Remove operator from the collection.
Replace(IList<Operator>)Replace operators in collection with other operators.
override ResumeUpdate()Resumes document update. Updates contents stream in case there are any pending changes.
ResumeUpdate(bool)Resumes document update. Updates contents stream in case there are any pending changes. Marks all operators as “changed” if invalidate parameter is true.
override SuppressUpdate()Suppresses update contents data. The contents stream is not updated until ResumeUpdate is called.
override ToString()Returns text representation of the operator.

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