OperatorSelector class

This class is used for selecting operators using Visitor template idea.

public sealed class OperatorSelector : IOperatorSelector


Name Description
OperatorSelector() Initializes new instance of the !:Selector class.
OperatorSelector(Operator) Initializes new OperatorSelector.


Name Description
Selected { get; } The list of selected objects.


Name Description
Visit(BDC) Visit/select BDC operator.
Visit(BI) Visit/select BI operator.
Visit(BMC) Visit/select BMC operator.
Visit(BT) Visit/select BT operator.
Visit(BX) Visit/select BX operator.
Visit(Clip) Visit/select W operator.
Visit(ClosePath) Visit/select h operator.
Visit(ClosePathEOFillStroke) Visit/select b* operator.
Visit(ClosePathFillStroke) Visit/select b operator.
Visit(ClosePathStroke) Visit/select s operator.
Visit(ConcatenateMatrix) Visit/select cm operator.
Visit(CurveTo) Visit/select c operator.
Visit(CurveTo1) Visit/select v operator.
Visit(CurveTo2) Visit/select y operator.
Visit(Do) Visit/select Do operator.
Visit(DP) Visit/select DP operator.
Visit(EI) Visit/select EI operator.
Visit(EMC) Visit/select EMC operator.
Visit(EndPath) Visit/select n operator.
Visit(EOClip) Visit/select W* operator.
Visit(EOFill) Visit/select operator f*.
Visit(EOFillStroke) Visit/select B* operator.
Visit(ET) Visit/select ET operator.
Visit(EX) Visit/select EX operator.
Visit(Fill) Visit/select f operator.
Visit(FillStroke) Visit/select B operator.
Visit(GRestore) Visit/select Q operator.
Visit(GS) Visit/select gs operator.
Visit(GSave) Visit/select q operator.
Visit(ID) Visit/select ID operator.
Visit(LineTo) Visit/select l operator.
Visit(MoveTextPosition) Visit/select Td operator.
Visit(MoveTextPositionSetLeading) Visit/select TD operator.
Visit(MoveTo) Visit/select m operator.
Visit(MoveToNextLine) Visit/select T* operator.
Visit(MoveToNextLineShowText) Visit/select ’ operator.
Visit(MP) Visit/select MP operator.
Visit(ObsoleteFill) Visit/select F operator.
Visit(Re) Visit/select re operator.
Visit(SelectFont) Visit/select Tf operator.
Visit(SetAdvancedColor) Visit/select scn operator.
Visit(SetAdvancedColorStroke) Visit/select SCN operator.
Visit(SetCharacterSpacing) Visit/select Tc operator.
Visit(SetCharWidth) Visit/select d0 operator.
Visit(SetCharWidthBoundingBox) Visit/select d1 operator.
Visit(SetCMYKColor) Visit/select k operator.
Visit(SetCMYKColorStroke) Visit/select K operator.
Visit(SetColor) Visit/select sc operator.
Visit(SetColorRenderingIntent) Visit/select ri operator.
Visit(SetColorSpace) Visit/select cs operator.
Visit(SetColorSpaceStroke) Visit/select CS operator.
Visit(SetColorStroke) Visit/select SC operator.
Visit(SetDash) Visit/select d operator.
Visit(SetFlat) Visit/select i operator.
Visit(SetGlyphsPositionShowText) Visit/select TJ operator.
Visit(SetGray) Visit/select g operator.
Visit(SetGrayStroke) Visit/select G operator.
Visit(SetHorizontalTextScaling) Visit/select Tz operator.
Visit(SetLineCap) Visit/select J operator.
Visit(SetLineJoin) Visit/select j operator.
Visit(SetLineWidth) Visit/select w operator.
Visit(SetMiterLimit) Visit/select M operator.
Visit(SetRGBColor) Visit/select rg operator.
Visit(SetRGBColorStroke) Visit/select RG operator.
Visit(SetSpacingMoveToNextLineShowText) Visit/select ’’ operator.
Visit(SetTextLeading) Visit/select TL operator.
Visit(SetTextMatrix) Visit/select Tm operator.
Visit(SetTextRenderingMode) Visit/select Tr operator.
Visit(SetTextRise) Visit/select Ts operator.
Visit(SetWordSpacing) Visit/select Tw operator.
Visit(ShFill) Visit/select sh operator.
Visit(ShowText) Visit/select Tj operator.
Visit(Stroke) Visit/select S operator.
Visit(TextOperator) Visit/select any text operator operator.

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