PageSize class

Class representing size of page in PDF document.

public sealed class PageSize


Name Description
PageSize(float, float) Constructor for PageSize.


Name Description
static A0 { get; } A0 size (1189x840 mm).
static A1 { get; } A1 size (840x594 mm).
static A2 { get; } A2 size (594x420 mm).
static A3 { get; } A3 size (420x297 mm).
static A4 { get; } A4 size (297x210 mm).
static A5 { get; } A5 size (210x148 mm).
static A6 { get; } A6 size (148x105 mm).
static B5 { get; } B5 size (250x176 mm).
static P11x17 { get; } 11x17 inches format.
static PageLedger { get; } Ledger size (432x279 mm).
static PageLegal { get; } Legal size (356x216 mm).
static PageLetter { get; } Letter size (279x216 mm).
Height { get; set; } Gets or sets page height.
IsLandscape { get; set; } Gets page orientation. Returns true of this is landscape orientation and false if this is portrait.
Width { get; set; } Gets or sets page width.

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