PdfSaveOptions class

Save options for export to Pdf format

public class PdfSaveOptions : SaveOptions


Name Description
PdfSaveOptions() The default constructor.


Name Description
CloseResponse { get; set; } Gets or sets boolean value which indicates will Response object be closed after document saved into response.
DefaultFontName { get; set; } Font name used by default for fonts which are absent on computer. When the PDF document that is saved into PDF contains fonts, that are not available in the document itself and on the device, API replaces this fonts with the default font(if font with DefaultFontName is found on device)
SaveFormat { get; } Format of data save.
TempPath { get; set; } Path for temporary files.
WarningHandler { get; set; } Callback to handle any warnings generated. The WarningHandler returns ReturnAction enum item specifying either Continue or Abort. Continue is the default action and the Save operation continues, however the user may also return Abort in which case the Save operation should cease.

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