Enum SaveFormat

SaveFormat enumeration

Specifies format

public enum SaveFormat


Pdf0means saving without change of format, i.e. as PDF use it please instead of ‘SaveFormat.None’, that is obsolete one
None0means saving without change of format, i.e. as PDF It’s obsolete one and will be deleted eventually, please use instead ‘SaveFormat.Pdf’
Doc1means saving in DOC format
Xps2means saving in XPS format
Html3means saving in HTML format
Xml4means saving in XML format
TeX5means saving in TEX format i.e. format suitable for Latex text editor
DocX6means saving in DOCX format
Svg7means saving in SVG format
MobiXml8means saving in MobiXML format(special format of e-books)
Excel9means saving in MsExcel format
Epub10means saving in EPUB format(special format of e-books)
Pptx14means saving in PPTX format
Aps15Saving as APS XML file.
PdfXml16Internal PDF document structure in XML format
Ps17means saving in PostScript format.
Eps18means saving in Encapsulated PostScript format.
Markdown19means saving in Markdown format.

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