SvgLoadOptions class

Represents options for loading/importing SVG file into pdf document.

public sealed class SvgLoadOptions : LoadOptions


Name Description
SvgLoadOptions() The default constructor.


Name Description
AdjustPageSize { get; set; } Adust pdf page size to svg size
LoadFormat { get; } Represents file format which LoadOptions describes.
PageInfo { get; set; } Gets or sets page info that should be applied during loading of document. NOTE that this parameter only works when ConversionEngine == ConversionEngines.NewEngine
WarningHandler { get; set; } Callback to handle any warnings generated. The WarningHandler returns ReturnAction enum item specifying either Continue or Abort. Continue is the default action and the Load operation continues, however the user may also return Abort in which case the Load operation should cease.


Name Description
ConversionEngine Allows select conversion engine that will be in use during conversion. Currently new engine is in B-testing stage, so this value by default set to ConversionEngines.LegacyEngine

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