Class TocInfo

TocInfo class

Represents table of contents info.

public sealed class TocInfo


TocInfo()Initializes a new instance of the TocInfo class.


ColumnInfo { get; set; }Gets or sets column info.
CopyToOutlines { get; set; }Gets or sets is TOC copied to outlines.
FormatArray { get; set; }Gets or sets format array for table of contents.
FormatArrayLength { get; set; }Gets or sets format array length
IsCountTocPages { get; set; }Gets or sets is count or passed toc pages.
IsShowPageNumbers { get; set; }Gets or sets is show page numbers at Toc.
LineDash { get; set; }Gets or sets TOC line dash.
PageNumbersPrefix { get; set; }Gets or sets is prefix before page number.
Title { get; set; }Gets or sets table of contents title.

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