Class XForm

XForm class

Class represent XForm

public sealed class XForm


BBox { get; set; }Gets or sets form bounding box.
Contents { get; }Gets operators of the form.
Matrix { get; set; }Gets or sets matrix of the form.
Name { get; set; }Gets or sets form name. Form name is name which used to reference form in XObejct ductionary in page resources.
Opi { get; }Gets The Open Prepress Interface (OPI).
Rectangle { get; }Gets or sets rectangel of the form.
Resources { get; }Gets Form XObject resources.


static CreateNewForm(Page, Document)Creates XForm which duplicates contents of the page.
FreeMemory()Clears cached data
GetResources()Returns resources of Form X-Object. If For does not have resources and allowCreate is true, Resources will be automatically created for the form.
GetResources(bool)Returns resources of Form X-Object

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