XmpPdfAExtensionField class

This schema describes a field in a structured type. It is very similar to the PDF/A Property Value Type schema, but defines a field in a structure instead of a property. Schema namespace URI: http://www.aiim.org/pdfa/ns/field# Required schema namespace prefix: pdfaField.

public class XmpPdfAExtensionField : XmpPdfAExtensionObject


Name Description
XmpPdfAExtensionField(string, string, string, string) Initializes object.


Name Description
Description { get; } Gets the description.
Name { get; } Field name. Field names must be valid XML element names.
Value { get; set; } Gets or sets the value.
ValueType { get; } Field value type, drawn from XMP Specification 2004, or an embedded PDF/A value type extension schema. Predefined XMP type names or names of custom types.


Name Description
override GetXml(XmlDocument) Returns the list of xml elements that represent field in xml tree.

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