XmpPdfAExtensionSchema class

Describes the XMP extension schema which is provided by PDF/A-1.

public class XmpPdfAExtensionSchema


Name Description
XmpPdfAExtensionSchema(XmpPdfAExtensionSchemaDescription) Initializes new object.


Name Description
Description { get; } Gets the schema description.
Objects { get; } Gets the list of objects (properties, value types).


Name Description
Add(XmpPdfAExtensionObject) Adds new object into schema.
Contains(XmpPdfAExtensionObject) Determines whether obj exists in schema.
GetProperty(string) Returns PDF/A property by its name.
GetSchemaXml(XmlDocument) Returns the xml element (tag - li) that represents schema in xml tree.
GetValuesXml(XmlDocument, XmlElement) Gets the values of properties as xml tree representation.
Remove(XmpPdfAExtensionObject) Removes the object from schema.


Name Description
const DefaultExtensionNamespacePrefix Default extension namespace prefix.
const DefaultExtensionNamespaceUri Default extension namespace uri.
const DefaultFieldNamespacePrefix Default field namespace prefix.
const DefaultFieldNamespaceUri Default extension namespace uri.
const DefaultPropertyNamespacePrefix Default property namespace prefix.
const DefaultPropertyNamespaceUri Default property namespace uri.
const DefaultSchemaNamespacePrefix Default schema namespace prefix.
const DefaultSchemaNamespaceUri Default schema namespace uri.
const DefaultValueNamespaceUri Default value namespace uri.
const DefaultValueTypeNamespacePrefix Default valie type namespace prefix.
const RdfNamespaceURI Default rdf namespace uri.
const RdfPrefix Default rdf namespace prefix.

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