XmpPdfAExtensionValueType class

The PDF/A ValueType schema is required for all property value types which are not defined in the XMP 2004 specification, i.e. for value types outside of the following list: - Array types (these are container types which may contain one or more fields): Alt, Bag, Seq - Basic value types: Boolean, (open and closed) Choice, Date, Dimensions, Integer, Lang Alt, Locale, MIMEType, ProperName, Real, Text, Thumbnail, URI, URL, XPath - Media Management value types: AgentName, RenditionClass, ResourceEvent, ResourceRef, Version - Basic Job/Workflow value type: Job - EXIF schema value types: Flash, CFAPattern, DeviceSettings, GPSCoordinate, OECF/SFR, Rational Schema namespace URI: http://www.aiim.org/pdfa/ns/type# Required schema namespace prefix: pdfaType

public sealed class XmpPdfAExtensionValueType : XmpPdfAExtensionObject


Name Description
XmpPdfAExtensionValueType(string, string, string, string) Initializes new object.


Name Description
Description { get; } Gets the description.
Fields { get; } Gets the list of fields.
NamespaceUri { get; } Gets the namespace URI.
Prefix { get; } Gets the prefix.
Type { get; } Gets the value type.
Value { get; set; } Gets or sets the value.


Name Description
Add(XmpPdfAExtensionField) Add new field.
AddRange(XmpPdfAExtensionField[]) Adds the range of fields.
Clear() Clears all fields.
override GetXml(XmlDocument) Returns the list of xml elements that represent value type in xml tree.
Remove(XmpPdfAExtensionField) Removes the field from the list of fields.

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