Class XmpValue

XmpValue class

Represents XMP value

public class XmpValue


XmpValue(DateTime)Constructor for date time value.
XmpValue(double)Constructor for floating point Value.
XmpValue(int)Consructor for integer value.
XmpValue(string)Constructor for string value.
XmpValue(XmpValue[])Constructor for array value.


IsArray { get; }Returns true is XmpValue is array.
IsDateTime { get; }Returns true if value is DateTime.
IsDouble { get; }Returns true if value is floating point value.
IsField { get; }Returns true if XmpValue is field.
IsInteger { get; }Returns true if value is integer.
IsNamedValue { get; }Returns true if XmpValue is named value.
IsNamedValues { get; }Returns true is XmpValue represents named values.
IsRaw { get; }Value is unsupported/unknown and raw XML code is provided.
IsString { get; }Returns true if value is string.
IsStructure { get; }Returns true is XmpValue represents structure.


ToArray()Returns array.
ToDateTime()Converts to date time.
ToDictionary()Returns dictionary which contains named values.
ToDouble()Converts to double.
ToField()Returns XMP value as XMP field.
ToInteger()Converts to integer.
ToNamedValue()Returns XMP value as named value.
ToNamedValues()Returns XMP value as named value collection.
ToRaw()Raw XML code for unknown/unsupported values.
override ToString()Returns string representation of XmpValue.
ToString(IFormatProvider)Returns string representation.
ToStringValue()Converts to string.
ToStructure()Returns XMP value as structure (set of fields).
explicit operatorConverts XmpValue to array. (5 operators)
implicit operatorConverts string to XmpValue. (5 operators)

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