Signature class

An abstract class which represents signature object in the pdf document.
Signatures are fields with values of signature objects, the last contain data which is used to
verify the document validity.

The Signature type exposes the following members:


custom_appearanceGets/sets the custom appearance.
authorityThe name of the person or authority signing the document.
dateThe time of signing.
locationThe CPU host name or physical location of the signing.
reasonThe reason for the signing, such as (I agree…).
contact_infoInformation provided by the signer to enable a recipient to contact the signer
to verify the signature, e.g. a phone number.
byte_rangeAn array of pairs of integers (starting byte offset, length in bytes)
that shall describe the exact byte range for the digest calculation.
timestamp_settingsGets/sets timestamp settings.
ocsp_settingsGets/sets ocsp settings.
use_ltvGets/sets ltv validation flag.
show_propertiesForce to show/hide signature properties.
In case ShowProperties is true signature field has predefined format of appearance (strings to represent):
Digitally signed by {certificate subject}
Date: {signature.Date}
Reason: {signature.Reason}
Location: {signature.Location}
where {X} is placeholder for X value. Also signature can have image, in this case listed strings are placed over image.
ShowProperties is true by default.


verify()Verify the document regarding this signature and return true if document is valid
or otherwise false.

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