ImageCompressionOptions class

Class contains set options for image compression.

The ImageCompressionOptions type exposes the following members:


ImageCompressionOptions()Initializes a new instance of the ImageCompressionOptions class


compress_imagesIf this flag is set to true images will be compressed in the document. compression level is specfied with ImageQuality property.
resize_imagesIf this flag set to true and CompressImages is true images will be resized if image resoultion is greater then specified MaxResolution parameter.
image_qualitySpecifies level of image compression when CompressIamges flag is used.
max_resolutionSpecifies maximum resolution of images. If image has higher resolition it will be scaled
versionVersion of compression algorithm. Possible values are: 1. standard compression, 2. fast (improved compression which is faster then standard but may be applicable not for all images), 3. mixed (standard compression is applied to images which can not be compressed by faster algorithm, this may give best compression but more slow then “fast” algorithm. Version “Fast” is not applicable for resizing images (standard method will be used). Default is “Standard”.
encodingGets or sets encoding used to store images.

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