SvgSaveOptions class

Save options for export to SVG format

The SvgSaveOptions type exposes the following members:


SvgSaveOptions()Initializes a new instance of the SvgSaveOptions class


warning_handlerCallback to handle any warnings generated.
The WarningHandler returns ReturnAction enum item specifying either Continue or Abort.
Continue is the default action and the Save operation continues, however the user may also return Abort in which case the Save operation should cease.
save_formatFormat of data save.
close_responseGets or sets boolean value which indicates will Response object be closed after document saved into response.
treat_target_file_name_as_directoryThis options defines whether will be created target directory
(if absent yet) with same name as requested output file
instead of requested output file itself.
It so, that directory will contain all output SVG-images of pages (like described below).
If no, output files of pages other then first one will be created exactly in requested directory
as main output file, but will contain in file name suffix _[2…n], that
is defined by page number, f.e. if You define output file “C:\AsposeTests\output.svg”
and output will contain several svg-files of pages,
then files of pages will be created also in directory “C:\AsposeTests" and have names ‘output.svg’, ‘output_2.svg’, ‘output_3.svg’ etc.
compress_output_to_zip_archiveSpecifies whether output will be created as one zip-archive.
Please refer comment to ‘TreatTargetFileNameAsDirectory’ options to see rules of naming
of svg-files of pages for multipage source document, that are also applied to zipped set of output files.
scale_to_pixelsSpecifies whether to scale the output document from typographic points to pixels.

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