Class AudioChannelType

  • public final class AudioChannelType
    extends Object

    Represents audio channel type.

    • Method Detail

      • toString

        public String toString()

        Returns a System.String that represents this instance.

        toString in class Object
        A System.String that represents this instance.
      • getMono

        public static AudioChannelType getMono()

        Gets the mono audio channel.

        Value: The mono audio channel.
      • getStereo

        public static AudioChannelType getStereo()

        Gets the stereo audio channel.

        Value: The stereo audio channel.
      • getAudio51

        public static AudioChannelType getAudio51()

        Gets the 5.1 audio channel.

        Value: The 5.1 audio channel.
      • getAudio71

        public static AudioChannelType getAudio71()

        Gets the 7.1 audio channel.

        Value: The 7.1 audio channel.
      • getAudio16Channel

        public static AudioChannelType getAudio16Channel()

        Gets the 16 audio channel.

        Value: The 16 audio channel.
      • getOtherChannel

        public static AudioChannelType getOtherChannel()

        Gets the other channel.

        Value: The other channel.